Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So let's see where we stand on various things...

1. Never believe it when kids relay information. Turns out it wasn't 37, but 12 cars that had their tires slashed. Still a sucky number, but not as bad as 37 (Although as a side effect, I now have Dante Hicks from "Clerks" screaming "37!" in my head. My head is a strange place, as you might imagine). A brief discussion with the police also revealed two of the three are young offenders. The third had the misfortune of recently turning 18. So we'll see what happens when it makes it to the courts.

2. Finally managed to order some tires today, which we should have by Friday at the latest. And in a nice touch, they will come to the apartment and put on the tires, rather than me having to drive the car to the garage on its rims. No idea how much it will cost, but insurance will apparently cover everything past $250 and it won't effect our rates. So the past couple of days have been a nuisance, but not as bad as it could have been.

3. Actually, one of the benefits of the past few days is that I've been walking back and forth to work, including at lunch time. I can do it at a brisk pace in about 15 minutes. So I'm getting some much needed exercise.

4. Speaking of exercise, I had my first curling game of the season this evening. I think I'll be curling twice a week - the men's league on Tuesday and the mixed league on Wednesday. I'm the skip in the mixed league, which is nice, but not a lot of exercise. So I shot lead stones this evening and nearly died. It's sort of pathetic how much I'm out of shape.

I almost felt bad for the other team this evening. We drew names out of a hat to see who would be on each team. The luck of the draw put four people who normally skip on our team. The guy who actually skipped just moved to Iqaluit from Manitoba where he played on a team that routinely competed in the Brier playdowns in the province. So yeah, we won 10-1 this evening. It was ugly. But a heck of a lot of fun when you're the 10 as opposed to the 1.

5. I don't normally talk about work too much, but there was an interesting little development yesterday. Work regularly blocks certain site. I'm pretty sure most porn sites are blocked (I've never been so idiotic as to check). So is Flickr and MySpace. Anything with streaming video and audio is blocked (it eats bandwidth, which is expensive up here). And yesterday, well, yesterday they blocked blogger.

I don't blog at work, because that would be dumb. But I have been known to check the odd blog during a down minute. Not anymore. Anything with blogspot.com has been blocked. Ah well. I guess I'll just have to work or something...

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dups said...

Okay I find a PR place blocking blogger to be a bit idiotic. These days blogs can be actual news sources. I do understand the financial concerns but really, why not simply block images from blogspot and allow you to see the text.