Friday, October 13, 2006


There are several things I like about the Newfoundland and Labrador Blogroll. Not so much the technology behind it, which has been kind of wonky as of late. But the blogroll itself has introduced me to many good "local" writers and produced a nice sense of community. We're not perfect, by any means. I don't read every local blog. Not all of them are to my taste, but that is also to be expected.

And we don't all get along and place nice. There are differences in politics and whatnot. And while things get passionate, they generally remain civil. No matter how much Ed and Liam might argue, you get the feeling that they'd be just as willing to do it over a beer as they would be online.

I like that. I'm glad to be a part of it. It's a nice community. I hope we all get together over Christmas like we've talked about.

Which is why it's a touch vexing I've been attacked twice this week and on matters considerably less heavy than politics. Because I honestly don't recall seeing anything like it on other local blogs, although someone can feel free to correct me on that.

Oh, it's nothing serious. In truth, I might have over-reacted a touch. Then again, if there was ever such a thing as perfectly bad timing to take a shot at me, both "anonymous" and "Bagwatts" managed to find them. It hasn't been a horrific week in the north, but there have been a few more stresses than normal which has left me in a mood unwilling to benignly accept cheap shots.

And let's not kid ourselves - accusing me of being a thief (which, for the record Bagwatts, set me off), a bad speller (a seriously "what the fuck" moment. It's a blog. I'm lucky if I have time to do a quick edit and spell check before posting) and stupid because I don't cite fine works of literature and like comic books - is some petty stuff. Why would you even bother? First rule of Internet - do I really need to respond to that? Most times if it's going to be negative, the answer is no.

So yeah, if they're not the same person, or if they don't know each other, then it's a hell of a coincidence that they both landed here and did something that I haven't seen on any other NL blog in more than a year.

I'm not going to take my toys and go home. It's just...disappointing. And I confess that a bad week and slightly rusty skills in handling personal attacks may have let me go over the top a bit. Perhaps I should have just ignored them or deleted them

It's a nice community. Hopefully this is just a blip that will pass.


Jason said...

Yeah Craig I noticed it seemed a week for you to get slagged. Proably helped in me not posting anything this week on my own blog. Again remember that people suck and occassionally periods where they are like a black hole and suck massively.

Anonymous said...

We've all felt a little sheepish over something we've typed in comments.

Part of the problem, I think, lies in the fact that these brief written words do not convey body language or facial expressions, as relaxed as they may be. Some things which you write on the blog might be better said over a beer. The give and take of conversation softens it somehow. Once typed, it becomes snarkier.

I've been called on my politics as well. I've also been known for sarcasm and the occasional rant. But I don't feel the need to punctuate my text with smilies, just so I don't offend anyone.

Also, some people are arseholes.

Ed Hollett said...

Anonymous comments are the epitome of chickenshit.

The individual(s) involved lack integrity and courage so whatever they write should simply be ignored.

The people who post under a pseudonym and you can't get a real person at some point (like through e-mail) are only one rung on the evolutionary ladder above the anonybloggers.

As for Liam and me, the reality is we have had at least a few chats over beer and aside from the odd moments I don't think anything has ever been said between us that would cause me to write him off as a waste of space.

I try not to take things personally and try not to make personal jabs, even though I know my fingers can type a sharp poke that will try the patience.

There are plenty of old adages I could throw out here. I'll use one of Robin Williams' old lines:

Joke 'em if they can't take a f*ck.

Ed Hollett said...

So as not to be accused of damning with faint praise, let me be clear that more often than not Liam's stuff is well thought out and provocative. Plus he has the guts to stand behind his position and argue it out.

Would that others had the same qualities.

Anonymous said...

Look Craig, I know what you did, you know what you did. Let's leave it at that. If you can sleep at night, that's great.

As far as me posting anonymously, I choose to, just as you choose to delete my comments. That's the way it is, I'm a grown-up. I'm not bagwatts, sorry for the accusation, bagwatts, I apologise.

Oh Ed, 'chickenshit' eh? You should know me better than that. I'm curious though, why don't you have a comments section on your blog? Too insecure to have anyone disagree with you? Anyone intelligent, that is. Although you do get around the comments sections on everyone else's blogs don't you? PR 101 eh? You can't be wrong if no one else can talk.

Oh well, my work here is done.

Oh, By the way TB, pull out the power cord and this place doesn't even exist. Think about that the next time it all gets a bit too real. It's all about perspective.

His Nibs said...

I'm going to buck a trend here. I think anonymous, pseudonymous, and unsigned posting are peachy keen. It lets views be aired that would not otherwise be made public.

Accusations of cowardice are a little over the top. It makes perfectly good sense to limit the ability of people to create online identity profiles. Who wants to face a job interview where something polticial they said has been googled by an employer?

That said, bloggers should feel free to delete trolls' posts when they become offensive aand destructive. It's their sandbox, after all.

regards, cat`

Ed Hollett said...

Anonymous and pseudonymous posters do nothing except prove my earlier comments.

Sometimes they say idiotic things like people should know who they are. How can anyone? They are anonymous.


vickyth said...

Anonymity aside, if what you were to have said about Averill was supposedly plagarised, I'd be curious to see the source. it is entirely possible that you came to exactly the same conclusion as some other writer. I know I've written things and later found that someone else had said more or less the same.

It's also possible that the person posting this garbage is someone who directly took offense at something you wrote and is using plagarism as an excuse.

Way Way Up said...

Way to pick a fight on a blog, anonymous.......pure genius.....really. Your 3rd grade education impresses me greatly.

Sorry TB that you have to put up with such garbage. I read your blog regularly and always look forward to your next post. Keep up the great work. Critics are a dime a dozen

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig,
I feel bad that you've taken some flak over your 'book tag' answers. I thought it was creative that you chose to answer in the way you did. I consider myself a book snob but I still recognize that comics and genre fiction have many brilliant books.

I was similarly moved by Spiegelman's Maus and frequently curse myself for apparently losing my beautiful slipcased version.

I've never really understood the need of some, anonymous or not, to waste everyone's time with mean-spirited comments. I have no problem with challenge and debate but I just can't understand the why and wherefore of insults and unsubstantiated accusations.

Have a great weekend.

towniebastard said...

Ian, no need to feel bad. It's hardly your fault what happened and you can't got predicting the worse things that could happen if you if you do something (I learned that trying to date in the 90s). So no worries. And I'm glad you "tagged" me.

As for Maus, I have the slipcase hardcover, but it's in storage back in St. John's. I miss all my pretty books back in Newfoundland. sigh...