Friday, October 13, 2006


Once again my lovely, and far wiser wife, has likely saved me from doing something rash. I appreciate that going postal isn't something that's easily done over the Internet, none the less, the intent crossed my mind. Remember, my father is a letter carrier. I do have postal genes.

So this is the way it goes...for the record, I have never plagiarized during my writing career. That includes my time with The Muse, The Evening Telegram, The Packet, The Express and all freelancing. I have never plagiarized during by brief blogging career. The fact that no evidence has been shown that I have and there's only the accusation of an anonymous poster should mean that I don't even have to say anything to defend myself.

Nonetheless, I wanted to clear that up. If anonymous wants to post where this magic bit of supposed thievery occurred, it is more that welcome to do so. It won't, of course. Best to leave it vague and with doubts. Otherwise, all other posts from this particular anonymous poster will be deleted. His last message in the previous post will stand, but that's pretty much it. Other anonymous posts, for now, will stand.

Why? Because this is diminishing some of the pleasure I get from blogging here. And Cathy is right. It's not worth it.

And to everyone who came to my defence, my thanks. It's always reassuring to see friends come to your aid, even over something as minor as this.

So that's that. Let us move onto other things...

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