Monday, October 30, 2006

More shuttle

Ian mentioned on his blog that he's been experiencing a lull in writing recently and he can't really explain it. I confess, I've been feeling a little draggy myself the last week. I try to post every day and for awhile there I was even managing to do it twice a day.

I knew that was risky. There's a well you tap when you write and I fear I might have burned through quite a bit of the reserves in September and October. Let's home there's enough left in the tank to get me through November.

Oh yes, the site isn't set up yet. Why? See previous post about the kind of mood I've been in this past week. However, even though it's Monday, and I'm taking a chance in writing this, I feel in a better mood. So I'll try and set it up this evening and then contact the people who have expressed an interest in driving themselves slowly mad over the next month.

In the meantime, here's another space shuttle pic. It's not like I go looking for them, I just happen to stumble across them. This photo was taken one some kind of odd technology called "film." Go here if you want the details. I think it's an interesting "reverse-angle" of the photo I put up last week.

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Heather Patey said...

This picture, or one like it, was on the front of the calculus book that I used for the first four or five courses of university calculus. It cost seventy dollars, which I thought at the time to be atrocious (not to mention it weighed about ten pounds) but per course it was pretty cheap. Thanks for the memories (or not) :)