Friday, October 20, 2006

House of Pods

So things are getting a little crazy on the iPod front at home, as this photo probably proves...

Yeah, for of the damn things. I'm such a Mac whore. The white one is my old iPod. The blue one is a Mini that Cathy owns. The black one is my new 80 gig iPod. And the silver one? That's a Nano that we just got the other day. And it's not for me or Cathy, it's for my mom.

Mom doesn't check the blog, so there's no worries about her seeing it. And for those of you who know her, don't say anything...

My mother is notoriously difficult to buy for, but this year she got the idea that one of those MP3 players she hears so much about might be nice since she keeps breaking discmans whenever she goes out for a walk with her dog.

(Do they still make discmans?)

So voila! A nice and easy Christmas gift for her. It's so rare.

Of course, what I need to do now is load up her Nano with music before I give it to her. Mom has many rendemptive qualities, but I suspect knowing how to load an iPod without assistance is unlikely.

This means I will be destroying part of my soul this weekend acquiring the kind of music she likes. This means Celine Dion, Anne Murray, Abba, Rod Stewart and Garth Brooks just to name a few. I got beaten up in Grade 3 because of my mother's love of ABBA.

Basically, I was in music class and the teacher who who our favourite musical act was. I was asked first and because mom was listen to ABBA all the time, and I didn't know any better, that's who I said. Alas, a trend quickly developed in the class where all the girls liked ABBA and all the boys liked Kiss.

So naturally I was beaten up at recess. Ah, youth...

So yeah, ABBA sucks.

But at least iPod will make my mother happy...


His Nibs said...

I will condemn myself to lunch-time beatings by saying that ABBA isn't all that bad. Viva disco!

regards, cat` (who has really, really odd taste in music, but has the decency to find Celine Dion annoying)

c'est moi said...

Your no dancing queen then townie? And, just what is it about east coasters and the farthest reaches of our great country? I mean, one fella I know from Cape Breton likes to think that the fellas back home got all the work done there and then headed off to help the rest of us uppity Canadians get our sh** done. I thought that I heard something about the closing of the coal mines and the crashing of the fish stocks having something to do with this out migration but, honestly, I like the Capers version better.

Anyway, I ran across your blog by a link from another nunavumuit site. I'm in Nunavik, just across the Hudson Strait from you. I've been puttering on my own blog for a little while and take great satisfaction in talking to myself. If you're interested in the ravings of a lunatic who spend far too much time on his puter (and know now that I have fallen from the graces of the sacred mac having failed to bite the price tag of the infamous apple of yore) check out

I am recently enlightened to all the blog material on the web about the north. Most of it is from your big backyard. I want to start linking to some of the neighbours and am wondering if I could get your consent before I do? Anyway, let me know

towniebastard said...

I see no problem using the northern links I have on my blog on yours. At least no one has contacted me and asked me to remove them. So feel free to plunder away. I'll add you to the my sidebar the next time I get around to updating my links.

As for Newfoundlers elsewhere...well, teaching mainlander how to work hard is certainly one answer. I've also attributed it to our fisherman being the most efficient fish hunters in the world. If there is a cod to be found in a 100 square km of ocean, they can find it, catch it and fillet it in record time.

It's a great skill, but as you might imagine, it has its pros and cons.

Welcome to the world of northern bloggers...