Sunday, October 08, 2006

New design

I'm still playing with Wordpress and this blog might end up there yet. But I've hit at least one roadbock. When transferring my posts and comments from here to Wordpress, the pictures didn't go with them. I'm not fond of the idea that my pictures won't be over at Wordpress and I don't relish the idea of having to go back and reload any missing images. So if someone knows how to fix that, please drop me a line.

So unless I get that figured out, I'm staying at Blogger for the time being. Hence, the redesign you see. Although if someone could tell me how I could put an image at the top of the page to replace the generic green thing, I would appreciate it.

There are a few other changes. I got rid of the Plazes box on the sidebar because I couldn't get it to work anymore. If you're visiting this blog for the first time and don't know where Iqaluit it is, find a map, find Greenland, look west. Tada!

Also, in honour of OM, I've add one of those maps that puts red dots up from wherever people are visiting from. Just because I think it would be fun. One of the problems with Statcounter (Yes, I could buy the professional account, but I don't get enough traffic to justify it) is that I lost track of people one I get more than 100 hits. So that will show me where everyone is coming from.

I'm also looking at doing something with Switchpod over the next few days. With a little luck I will be subjecting you all to my music in the near future.

In other news, we're not far off having permanent snow on the ground here in town. It's snowed the last three days and coated the ground, but it's all melted within 12 hours. I suspect that won't be lasting much longer. We'll have a permanent base of snow by the end of this week.

Which is to be expected, but there is something mildly depressing to know that in the next week will be the last time we see the ground until June. Then again, Iqaluit always looks better with snow on the ground.

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Melissa said...

Hi TB!

You're using the template that i chose when I first embarked on my own blog-journal journey. There was something attractive about all that green when I was pregnant. :)

Anyhoo, if you want to change the banner then just go into your template and go to the section that looks something like this:

/*Blog Header
@media all
background: url(http://greencolourplants/blablah.gif) repeatlefttop;

and just replace that gif file with the new gif or .jpeg that you choose.

And I'm happy to hear that you're jumping on the mp3 band(!)wagon. I LOVE adding songs for people to download. Switchpod was buggered for a while but they seem much easier now. I'm sure you'll have more fun with it than I do since you actually have an Ipod.

AND!! I dont know too much about Wordpress but I'm pretty sure you have to re-add your photos one by one and bit by bit. Which sucks - but hey - now that the snow is down you'll need something to do while Cathy plays poker. :)

Ok, I think that's all for me. Enjoy your new blog design with the Mp3s. You look just like the old me, and I'm flattered. :)