Monday, October 16, 2006

Mixed weekend

It's warm in the arctic tonight. I'm actually sweating a bit in my apartment and resisting the urge to crack open a window to cool off. Environment Canada says it 2C as I type this with a high in the next 24 hours of 4C. There was some snow on the ground in the higher elevations around town today, but I doubt much of it is going to survive this evening, especially with a nice layer of fog hanging over the town.

So yeah, this is slight weirdness. It's the 15th of October and there is no snow on the ground. The ground itself is muck and needless to say there is no ice to be found anywhere in the harbour. And by the forecast, there isn't going to be much snow on the ground for the next week. Winter was well along this time last year.

As for this weekend, it was one of mixed results. There was a lot of stuff we needed to get done. And we got a nice chunk of it done. Funny thing is, the stuff that was related to work or school managed to fall by the wayside.

Cleaning the apartment? Done. Doing the laundry? Done. Cleaning up and backing up my computer? Done. Playing with my new iPod? Done. Well, it was work to an extent. I had to back up my music and load up stuff onto the new iPod. I have learned the lesson of a year ago when I didn't back up my iPod and when it crashed I lost about 3500 songs. So that's work-ish.

Oddly enough, the school work that I needed to get finished is not complete. The work work that I needed to get done remains unfinished. However, I'm in good company as Cathy brought work home and it magically didn't get completed.

Ah well. I guess I'm just out of practice. I used to bring home work all the time when with the Express, but I haven't done much since I've been here. And I haven't done school work in years. So I'll have to get back into the habit.

But least the new iPod is fully loaded. Five thousand songs that I can listen to while at work. That's the important thing...

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