Monday, October 16, 2006

Cape Dorset

For all that Newfoundland likes to brag the depths of its arts community, there are still places that can put it to shame. It was several months ago, I believe, that Stats Canada cited the community with the most number of people calling themselves artists, per capita, in Canada. And that place was in Nunavut.

It's a little community on the southern part of Baffin Island called Cape Dorset. About 22 per cent of the roughly 1,000 people living there call themselves artists. Here's a story from earlier the year that talks a bit more about it.

The reason I mention this is that one of the events of the year in Iqaluit is when the Dorset Fine Arts print collection hits town. Which just so happens to be this weekend. We went to the museum last year to take a look at it and loved some of the work that was there. Alas, we had been in town less than two months, I wasn't working and bills were still rolling in from the wedding and the move. So we really couldn't justify buying a print (and they're a print in the right sense of the word, Mireille).

So now we have this year's collection, which will be available for viewing and purchase this weekend. For those who can't wait, or who aren't near a galley featuring this year's collection you can go to their website, which is here.

There are some nice prints there, but as might be expected, myself and Cathy haven't really managed to agree on a print that we both like. And really, if you're talking about spending anywhere from $400 to $1,000 it would be nice to agree on the print.

Anyway, these are the three I like.

Oh, I should also mention that Cape Dorset also does some of the finest sculptures around. You can also buy those (and sculptures by Iqaluit artists) at the museum. If you ever visit Iqaluit for the love of God be careful where you buy your sculptures. Some places in town charge a lot of money. The museum has the best prices.

Note I'm not saying which place pays artists the most. I simply do not know. Just because some places charge a lot doesn't mean the artists are getting a lot. Just because some places charge less, doesn't mean they're gouging the artists. I simply do not know.

And for that matter, you can always go to one of the restaurants at the Frobisher Inn. People routinely walk through each restaurant selling items.


Clare said...

Nice, I like the one of the Upikjuaq (owls), er the middle one.

Simon said...

I found this:

Mireille Sampson said...

You've got a thing for owls now?

Top one would be my pick - but you didn't post Cathy's!

The museum probably takes a smaller commission from the artist, most publicly-funded institutions do.

towniebastard said...

Cathy hasn't had the chance to really look at the prints yet. But when she does I'll put her favourites up.

dups said...

I like the last one ... the fish