Saturday, October 07, 2006

Low key weekend...

It's a veritable smorgasbord of sloth potential here today. It's the long weekend and Cathy is out this afternoon playing poker with some of her co-workers. Nothing like being surprised by someone even though you've been with them nearly five years. I didn't know she could play poker. Actually, I think the test is when she comes back so we can see if she's won any money. She comes back with cash, she can play poker. Maybe we'll set it up as a little sideline for her or something. We'll stash away her winnings for spending money on the next big vacation

Meanwhile, here at Chateau Welsh, I'm hemming and hawing over which acts of sloth to begin with first. As it turns out, I'm taking care of the blogging first. Then I might start playing with Wordpress some more. I've had a few people suggest I should give Switchpod a try. That way I can inflict my musical tastes on a broader group of people. One quick question, anyone have any idea of the legality of me using this blog to broadcast songs? I'm not going to have SOCAN showing up at my door waving a bill, am I?

(And least you think I'm kidding, I know several businesses in St. John's who had SOCAN people walking into the restaurant or bar, give them a bill for playing music in their establishment and demand payment or they would be taken to court. So while I might respect the purpose of SOCAN, it doesn't mean I can't think they're real pricks sometimes).

Other than that, there's some academic work I should be doing for my UVic course, I spent enough on the damn book, I should at least read it. But I have other books I'm in the middle of reading. "Two Trains Running" by Andrew Vachss and "The Geographer's Library" by John Fasman. I just finished "Brainiac" by Ken Jennings (The Jeopardy guy) which is quite good. I might write about it at more length later this weekend.

But right now I'm just content to unwind a bit. The turkey picked up from Food mail this morning is sitting in a bin of water and defrosting so hopefully we'll have turkey for tomorrow. If not then, certainly for Monday. It's seven kg and cost about $4.30/kg. It's butter basted and grain fed, so I think they mailed us a fancy sounding turkey, not like I'm an expert on them or anything. All I know is that it's a damn site cheaper than buying one in Iqaluit, where a Butterball goes for $7.50/kg.

It seems like a nice enough turkey. Here, take a look:

Yes, I know, the dog looks a bit nervous, but don't worry, while they're both about the same size, there is no risk of us cooking the dog instead of the turkey for Thanksgiving. For one thing, the dog cost considerably more than $4.30/kg. I can only imagine how big a pest he's going to be around supper time with all the turkey smells. We don't feed him from the table, but he's terrible for begging for food.

And what the hell, just to make Colette and the in-laws happy, one more pic of the dog.


Anonymous said...

what a cutie! what kind of dog is that??? where did you find him/her? Not a northern dog I'm betting.
enjoy the turkey- happy thanksgiving

towniebastard said...

The dog is a Coton de Tulear, which I appreciate sounds awfully snobby. But he's a cute little dog. You can go to for more information about the breed. And you're right, not a northern breed. We took him out for a walk in the first real snowfall of the Fall and put him in a sweater. His fur is a bit too fine to handle real cold.

Anonymous said...

You didn't provide an update! Did Cathy win at poker?

towniebastard said...

She went in with $10 and came home seven hours later with $12. So that's about 28 cents an hour. Not exactly high stakes poker and I don't think we're going to pack our bags and head to Vegas, but she's quite happy with it.

Plus, she had a lot of fun, which is the important thing.