Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Walking on sunshine

We finally get a little sunshine and warmth around town today and yesterday and I swear to God it's like I'm living in a Katrina and the Waves music video...

(Please, dear God, tell me people get that cultural reference.)

I know all Canadians appreciate a nice day after a long, hard winter, but I think you appreciate it a touch more in this part of the world, when the last day we had about 5C was probably sometimes early last October. And just because of the weird ways our bodies work, back then 4C felt chilly and a hint of oncoming winter. Today it felt tropical weather. It also helps that no matter what the thermometer is saying, the sun has a bit of pop these days.

The other news today is that Iqaluit Cable is apparently upgrading to a digital signal. I managed to find a brief little blurb about it on the CBC and nothing more. So all the details are still a little up in the air. There will apparently be 100 or more new channels available, including the options of getting pay-for-view events. No mention if we're finally going to get the HD channels, but I hope so.

Of course, a new box will be needed for this, which I suspect will not be given to us out of the goodness of Iqaluit Cable's heart. I'm also willing to be there will be a signifcant increase in how much cable will now cost. It's already a ridiculous $75 a month for barely 50 channels. I can only imagine what pricing horror shows are going to happen with this.

And no, I can't switch to satellite. The building's owner won't allow it for now.

So we'll see. It's not something I'm too worried about now. It's not like we watch a lot of TV during the summer. In fact, if I can hold off switching until August, that would be best. No sense paying for fancy new cable packages and not being in the country to watch any of the high quality programming that comes on during the summer months anyway.

Now if only they could make high-speed internet actually high speed up here, then all would be good in the world.

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Tracey said...

Anyone the age of 35 or older must remember and like the song "Walking on Sunshine". Glad to hear your getting some warmth from it.

P.S. Like the header picture.