Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swarms of annoyance

I'm having one of these 24 hour periods where it's not one big annoyance that's coming at me to piss me off, but swarms of little ones that's nibbling me to grumpiness. What's doing it to me?

1. Jackie gets hit with a piece of hack and run that's really annoying me. Then again, I had a run-in recently with that same person, so that's probably enhancing things for me.

2. I flipped open my laptop this morning, only to be greeted by a black screen. I'm still trying a few things, but right now I have the fear that this means the computer is going to have to be sent down south to fix whatever glitch this is (this is being written on Cathy's Macbook). It's still under warranty, so it won't cost much, but it is an annoyance.

3. I've also discovered there is no device that allows me to plug my camera into an iPod Touch. I wanted to download photos to the Touch when in Australia, both as a way of backing up pics in case something happens to the camera and as an easy way to share photos on the blog when travelling. But no, that's not happening.

4. My computer at work is so slow today I want to punch it in the head repeatedly.

5. I went to go and book a rental car for August for the couple of days we're in Ottawa. Enterprise, which is the cheapest of the ones in Ottawa airport, wants $125 for a two day rental of an economy car.

6. And, after grumbling about the price, I decide to book it anyway because we need the car, Enterprise's website is glitchy and it won't let me do it.

7. I saw a couple of sketches on eBay that I thought were cute and pretty cheap. When I contacted the buyers about shipping, one asked for $20 US for a sketch with a high bid of $10 (and less than 12 hours left) and the other wanted $50 US for a sketch going for $15 (with about 12 hours left). I've never had a sketch arrive yet where the shipping was more than $10. eBay dealers who try to make up money on their auctions by screwing you on the shipping should occupy a special ring in Dante's inferno.

8. Oh, and the cable at home is doing weird stuff, like not working on any channel higher than 20. I suppose this has something to do with the digital switchover, but seeing as how they're saying not to turn on the new box until July 1, this is could get extra special annoying a big hurry.

And that's it so far. But the day is young. I'm sure there are more annoyances yet to come.

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Anonymous said...

Hey tb.. it is a virus.. Got the same one last Saturday.. Had to have it swiped and cleaned and am still getting the stuff loaded back up.. pain in the arse..

towniebastard said...

Yeah, but I use a Mac, and there aren't many viruses target at Macs. Plus I haven't done much downloading lately. So I'm not sure if it's that.

I'll talk to Apple tech guys this evening and see. If I lose the hard drive I'm going to be furious. I haven't backed up in ages and if I lose a lot of photos I'm going to be extra special annoyed.

Anonymous said...

One would think that you of all people would be diligent in backing up your photos.

You mac types but to much trust in your machines and end up paying a huge price.

Hard drives die and with them precious memories

Adam Snider said...

You've probably already tried this, but, turn the computer off. Remove the battery. Put the battery back and try turning it back on.

A while back my laptop wouldn't give me anything but a black screen. While I was on hold with tech support, I decided to try popping the battery out and back in, mostly on a whim.

I was back in business before I ever spoke to an agent.

Anonymous said...

Renting a car from an airport is always much more expensive.

Look into going into Ottawa before renting, it'll probably be cheaper.

I backup my Mac, everbody should.