Monday, June 29, 2009

A happy note

I appreciate this hasn't been the most cheerful blog to read in the past month, what with exploding red wine, ice that steadfastly refuses to leave the bay and, oh yes, my impending unemployment. June 2009 will not go down in my persona annuls as a truly spiffy month.

But in an attempt to go out on a high note here, let me recap something that happened yesterday that was actually spectacularly nice. Actually, it was spectacularly nice for Cathy, but one of the many benefits of being married to her means that occasionally I get the spin-offs when something good happens to her.

We were at the Frobisher for brunch yesterday with two of her co-workers. Both are leaving town today - one just for the summer, one more permanently. So we thought one final brunch would be a nice idea.

So we're chowing down and chatting when, towards the end of things, the waitress swings by to remove a few plates. "This is all taken care of," she said.

Despite the volume of university degrees sitting at that table, that took a few moments to process. "No, we haven't paid yet" I believe was one of the responses.

"Yes, but someone who was just paying for their meal up at the cash just paid for all yours. She didn't want to give her name, just said to tell you it was 'for being teachers.'"

SO now the four of us are sitting their with our jaws hanging open. We tried to figure out who it was, but the person had already left. And since Cathy and her two co-workers all teach different grades, there's no way to know who it was who paid for out meals. Completely anonymous. And not cheap, by the way. I figure four buffet lunches at the Frob probably cost in the area of $150.

I don't talk much about teaching on the blog. It falls under the category of "don't talk about work on your blog." And yes, it's not my work, but I certainly have no desire to get Cathy in trouble for things I write here. But I don't think it's a secret that teaching veers into the category of things that certainly has plenty of rewards, but also plenty of frustrations. It's a profession I simply could never do. A couple of people have said I could supply teach in the fall if I don't have anything lined up by then. Cathy, who knows better, just laughs.

So I really am happy when something does a gesture like that. It really did thrill the three of them to have someone doing something that nice. And hell, I was pretty thrilled not to have to pay for lunch. Being married to a teacher does have it's perks, from time to time.

There you go....a nice way to end off June.

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KOTN said...

Teaching is even more difficult to blog about, because you have to be so bloody careful when you are dealing with other people's kids.

All I know is that I have seen the quality at that school in particular go up in thye last three years. Maybe I'm biased, because our attendee seems to be on a streak of having better years each year, but we think it is getting better over there.

HOwever, I would NEVER teach Junior High aged kids. A friend is leaving to go do just that. I asked her "WHY THE HELL would you put yourself in hormone land?"

"They are so cute at that age."

If by cute, you mean lethal and criminally insane, then yes, that sure is cute.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. It is always nice to get the recognition for a job that often feels thankless. I cherish an ad that a family put in the paper thanking me for doing my job during the tragic death of their daughter/sister. I used it as a touchstone on my desk for the days when things were wearing me down.

And I'm with you, I've long admired teachers, and a lot of that admiration comes from the recognition that I'm not cut of that cloth, that it is a job I could not do. I briefly supply taught after my retirement and it drove me nuts. But I was used to choking out people that annoyed me and throwing them in gaol afterwards.