Sunday, June 14, 2009

No change in the weather

It's funny, but this year has just felt worse for weather. It seems like it's taken longer for the temperature to go above 0C, that it's been snowing later into June and that the ice in the bay and Sylvia Grinnell River has been lingering longer. If you had asked me to swear on a bible that these things are true, I would have, no problem.

But here's the thing....ever since we moved here I've gone out and taken pictures right around the same weekend in June. It's normally around June 10th, give or take a few days. So out of curiosity, I went and took a look at the pictures I shot those weekends in 2006, 2007, 2008 and this past weekend. And what have I concluded?

That I really need to shoot photos more often because the winter lay-off apparently destroys my photography skills.

But other than that, there doesn't really appear to be too much of a difference in the snow and ice conditions around the area over the past few years.

So, for example, here are some pictures from Sylvia Grinnell and the bay from 2006.

Some pictures from 2007.

From 2008.

And finally, ones taken this weekend.

Yes, there are a lot of photos here, but why not. Anyway, the difference are pretty minor. I suspect it has more to do that after a long winter, it always seems like the ice and snow is lingering long this time around than in previous years. The truth of it is, it doesn't look much worse than in previous years.

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Amanda said...

I have heard many people say the same thing. I never experenced a winter here yet or a summer for that matter, so I don't really know what to expect:)

tanker belle said...

I got a little depressed just looking at those photos. Jesus.

Jackie S. Quire said...

For SURE here in Rankin the snow has stayed longer this year than last.

Last year we had our Hondas out for May long weekend. This year the idea didn't even cross our minds. I was still driving the skidoo before I left for vacation at the very end of May, and probably could have used it a week or so longer out on the land.

"The winter that never went"

Way Way Up said...

I've found the time of the last snow melt to be fairly consistent here. While we got a lot more snow this year than last, it always seems to disappear around the same time. The snow seemed to stick around Qikiqtarjuaq a little longer than it does here but I'm guessing that's because it's damper there generally and the land (at least the land the town sits on) is flatter so it seems like it piles up a lot more.