Friday, June 12, 2009

Things I don't understand IV

Why anybody would think this is a good idea.

I don't pretend to be a rocket surgeon by any stretch of the imagination, but even 20 years ago, at 18, I knew withdrawal and rhythm methods were essentially playing Russian Roulette. Hell, even using condoms and birth control I managed to have a scare with my girlfriend at the time.

And since then, the volume of information about options has grown, even despite the efforts of some (seriously, Alberta, WTF?). I believe sex education is being taught in younger grades, which is good. The first time I encountered it was in a Grade 8 Health class and you could tell the teacher would have preferred to have been dragged out to the back of the school and shot in the head rather than be in the classroom. So better sex education is a good start.

Plus there's the internet for getting information. The birth control options are varied, what with condoms, pills, diaphragms, birth control shots, morning after pills (shouldn't be used as birth control, but at least it's available in case of accidents) and probably other things I'm missing off the top of my head.

Withdrawal was a stupid method of birth control back in the time when fire was a novelity. And I don't care how these scientists are trying to spin it, it's still a stupid method of birth control. Not to mention it does nothing to protect you from STDs.

Is it better than nothing? I honestly don't know. This is right down there with abstinence only education with me. People are going to have sex. Why not teach them how to do it right? Why not tell them that withdrawal is a really stupid thing to do?

Most have probably heard of the Ig Nobel Awards, given out for dubious science each year. I think I have a nominee for this year.

Oh, and one other thing. The story quotes a study that said some people didn't like using condoms because of the "difficulty in using them." If you can't figure out how to use a condom - remove from package, place at tip of penis, unroll until it covers penis. Then insert penis into vagina - then you're far too stupid to be having sex to begin with.

Yeah, I'm not getting this study at all.

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Adam Snider said...

I read about the same study recently and thought more or less the same thing. Publishing the study actually borders on irresponsible science, as far as I'm concerned.

I get that, supposedly, pulling out is almost as effective as wearing a condom if it's done correctly every time, but how often does that happen? Even assuming the guy is responsible enough not to "forget" to pull out, sometimes it happens sooner than expected.


It's just sheer stupidity that anyone is talking about pulling out as an effective contraceptive method. I guess it's better than nothing, but perhaps people shouldn't be having sex if "nothing" is the only available birth control method.

And, as you and many others have mentioned, this does essentially nothing to protect against STDs which, in this day and age, can sometimes be lethal (sure, the cocktail can keep you alive longer than ever before, but HIV/AIDS is still no laughing matter).

Ron said...

How come these people don't study the "fun" birth control methods? Like the "Engage in Anal Sex" Method or the "Give your Boyfriend a Blowjob" Method or even the "Auto-asphixia" Method that gave David Carradine that healthy blue complexion everyone is commenting on. Also effective is the "Only have Sex with Men" Method and the "Get drunk and fall asleep" Method.

Also note that the study focusses on birth control as opposed to disease control. Withdrawl might be as effective as condoms as the study suggests but does that mean it is also an effective method for stopping the spread of STDs?

As to the problems with using a condom question. NOW THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME, but I do hear that some men, somewhere in the world, probably New Guinea, occassionally, might lose their ummmm concentration after they put on a condom. Not everyone is an eager young stallion like yourself, " at tip of penis, unroll until it covers penis. Then insert penis into vagina." You make it sound so fun I almost want to try it myself.

Anonymous said...

I managed to put a condom on the first time I had sex. I was drunk and it worked. I honestly don't know what is so hard about it?