Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sure, I'll be president

As a soon to be unemployed person (and there's apparently a few of us with job issues in Nunavut blogging circles these days), I would like to say if they offered me the job of President of Memorial University of Newfoundland, I could be persuaded to come back to the province to work. I think being president of the university means Cathy could handle working as a substitute teacher for awhile (she actually assures me after the kind of week she's had, she'll be happy to work at Chapters).

I think I would make a pretty good president of the university. I'm reasonably smart, I'd have no problem defending the university against outside agencies pressuring it, I'm alumni and I think I could take the university in the right direction after a few years where there have been some unfortunate wobbles in direction.

So if anyone wants to go and nominate me for the position, I'd certainly be willing to add that to the long list of job offers I've already received cough and give it due consideration. And, as a bonus, no more bugging me to vote for me when Board of Regents election season comes upon us again.

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munnel said...

No need to move south. If Danny doesn't have to live in the province, and he's Premier, why should you?