Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Twin emails

So those who know me probably realized that I didn't have the most fun day in the world yesterday. I won't elaborate why on the blog, let's just say I hope the worst is over and that today is better.

I guess the nice thing that happened were two out of the blue emails. The first was from the Abbozzo Gallery. Apparently someone on the staff stumbled upon my blog and specifically on a post about how much I love David Blackwood's "Fire Down on the Labrador", my regret that the poster I had of it got destroyed in a move and that I've been unable to find another one. Well, she pointed out that her gallery actually sells that poster, along with another couple of really nice Blackwood posters that I've never seen before. Oh, and they're apparently signed.

So that's deeply tempting. And the prices are pretty reasonable. The only problem would be figuring out what to do with it. Cathy doesn't like Blackwood, and finds that particular print....disturbing. I might buy it and put it up in my office, but I would want to get it framed so I don't run the risk of ruining it like the other one. So maybe I'll check with the local framing dude and see if he can A. frame it and B. how much would it cost. If it's reasonable, maybe I'll treat myself.

The other would have been Adrian du Plessis, who is with Allison Crowe's management team. Normally I wouldn't mention this except it was actually a personal email. Allison is playing in Newfoundland - May 9 in St. John's and May 13 in Corner Brook. They didn't think I would be able to make it, given the distances involves, but figured I might like to go when she was in "townie territory."

First, awfully nice to send me a personal note. Second, I highly recommend going to see Allison if you get the chance. She's a phenomenal singer and, as I've pointed out previously, her rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is one of the very best of the many, many versions out there.

So yeah, out of the blue, but kind of made me feel good. It's nice when that happens to balance out a stressful day.

Last Five
1. Cuntry boys and city girls - The Fratellis
2. Resurrection - Spirit of the West*
3. Brighter still - Ron Sexsmith
4. Just the way you are (live) - Diana Krall
5. Finer feelings - Spoon


Anonymous said...

I only heard the Fratellis for the first time today and they seemed pretty good. It was just one song on the radio. D'you think it's worth buying their album before hearing more?

Jackie S. Quire said...

Hope all's okay.