Sunday, May 03, 2009

Family photo

Not much for you this evening. Instead, a photo from a walk this afternoon. I was trying out a new tripod and trying to figure out whether or not to take it to Australia with us. I thought it was kind of nice and figured I would put it up. Besides, it's been awhile since you guys have had a Boo fix.

And tomorrow, something more interesting.

Last Five
1. The night is still young - Billy Joel
2. Every part of me - Sam Roberts
3. Open doors - Josh Ritter
4. Tea - Brendan Benson
5. Blow at high dough - The Tragically Hip


Simon said...

My God it looks cold. And it would be just about this time of year I'd normally be heading up. I miss the company and the colleagues and the money and even the work but I don't miss the weather.

towniebastard said...

Well, the sun came out for the first time in days, which meant the temperature promptly dropped about 10C. I'd say it was about -15 or so when this was taken.

I mean, it's much better than it was two months ago. Still, it's May. I'm kind of looking forward to being able to say the temperature without putting a minus sign in front of it first.