Saturday, May 02, 2009

Enough with the snow already

Cathy's rocking out on Guitar Hero: World Tour and is currently in the groove on a song by Paramore. She's also discovered that Korn is a very angry band. You know, for a woman who really doesn't enjoy "angry" music, she really does love Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero is pretty much the alternative to doing anything outside this evening. Yes, we live in the arctic and I know snow is not exactly unexpected at this time of the year, but we're getting a little tired of it. It's been snowing for about a week in Iqaluit. And because the temperatures have been hovering around -5C for most of that time, we've been getting the weird effect of lots of snow, combined with lots of melting, which is wrecking the usual havoc on the gravel roads around here. The truck is beginning to make the kinds of noises you generally don't want to hear coming from a mechanical object that you have several thousand dollars invested in.

The snow is also starting to piss off residents around town. Yes, it's nice to go out on the snowmobile and all. But we're entering our seventh month of winter, so people are very much getting into the head space of "enough with all the goddamn snow already!" I'm marginally more zen about it, but only barely. A recent trip out to Ottawa and planning for Australia helps get through the worst of it.

Although I will note that Cathy has begun to count down how many teaching days there are left in the year (assuming you live in Iqaluit). Thirty-seven, in case you were wonder. The spring binkies that comes with being a teacher (and being married to one) officially began today when Cathy look out the window, saw the snow, and demanded an immediate 37 day weekend.

The only other news of note is that I've finally started going back to the gym. This is all part of a general "I need to be in better shape and to lose some weight" that I've been stalling on for ages. But more specifically, I want to be in shape (or at least not grossly out of shape) for the Dominion championship in November. So training officially starts today.

We'll see how often I end up going. I'm aiming for 3-4 days a week. Although there is something to be said about going on weekend afternoons. I was there from 2-3 pm today and there was one other person in the gym with me. Just the way I like it.

Anyway, when I start looking like Hugh Jackman, I'll let you know.

Last Five
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3. Dirty mouth - Hot Hot Heat*
4. 7 - Prince
5. Climbing the walls - The Might Be Giants


Anonymous said...

"when I start looking like Hugh Jackman, I'll let you know."

What there's going to be cosmetic surgery involved also. It's curling for crumb's sake.

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

I'm definitely one of the pissed off residents. I don't remember winter lasting so long last year, though I'm sure it did.

By the way, the movie theatre is open again! Thought you might like to know since you mentioned it before.


SRD said...

but how's the daylight doing? it's after 10 here, and the sky only got dark in the last 15 min or so, although I'm sure you can beat that....

towniebastard said...

Clare, I obviously take curling very seriously and clearly I believe looking like Hugh Jackman will improve my game.

Jamie, we saw that. And there was much rejoicing. Although we've seen 3 of the 4 movies playing this week. Heavy weaponry would be needed to get us to go and see 17 Again.

Sara, sunrise is 4 am, sunset is 9 pm, although the amount of actual darkness at this point is only a few hours. The sunlight is lovely and all, but in a few weeks it will start driving people to put tin foil up in their windows and shattering the sanity of those not prepared for so much daylight.

SRD said...

still don't get why your sunrise is an hour earlier than ours, when sunset is the same....