Thursday, May 07, 2009

Too awesome

The best part of coming down with a head cold right about now is that everyone starts either:

A. Joking that you must have swine flu
B. Actually wonder if you have swine flu.

Guys, it's a cold. I feel no more or less crappy than I do with any other cold that I normally get in the run of a year. I've toughed it out the past couple of days because work has been busy. But I barely have a voice left at this point. Plus, I got home, sat down and have barely moved since. So as I have something like 40 sick days built up, I think I can afford to blow one.

In the meantime, a little something in honour of the Star Trek movie opening tomorrow, which is getting some pretty awesome reviews. Which is fitting, I guess...

Go here if you want to see more.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's opening in Iqaluit. The poster for the "big" movie opening this weekend in Iqaluit is "Knowing" staring Nic Cage, which also came out about two months ago. sigh. There is something a touch depressing reading about a movie that's opening in nearly 4,000 theatres and knowing yours is likely not one of them. Ah well, sometime hopefully in the next week or so, we'll start seeing some of the summer movies. And by summer movies, I mean the cool ones and not this one.

Last Five
1. Mr. Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan
2. Twice as bad as love - Ryan Adams
3. Peacetime - Spirit of the West
4. All U can eat - Ben Folds
5. The show must go on - Queen*


Anonymous said...

Star Trek is opening tonight in Yk and I'm going to the first showing with some nerdy friends of mine. It looks wicked.

Ron said...

That image made my day - Thanks

jen said...

That is the most amazing poster ever! And no complaints, at least you have a movie theatre!

Kai said...

Try coming back from down south with a flu...I just got in from Cuba and now am sick...I am even wondering if I have the infamous flu!