Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only ninth?

I've always meant to do a post citing all the search engine results going through my blog in the run of a week. A lot of them are pedestrian. Since I did my Moving to Iqaluit FAQ I get a lot more search results from people looking to move here. And I hope that helps.

The less said about people looking for pictures of naked curlers, the better.

But my favourite search result of recent weeks came at 2:29 pm on May 19. And if you're that person, by all means step forward and take a bow (you live in Iqaluit, after all). Because I have no idea why you would punch "Iqaluit mother fuckers" into a Google search, but you did and it brought to my blog. Plus, it made me laugh.

Oddly, or perhaps thankfully, I'm not the #1 search engine hit when you type in "Iqaluit mother fuckers." I am, in fact only ninth. Kent may be pleased, or mortified, to know that he's #1 for that particular search engine result.

Ummmm, congrats?

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Newfie Nurse said...

Well, think it's time for you to write " A win for nurses". We stuck to our guns and as of this am we have a tenative agreement that we are happy with. We are not losing what Danny promised us in April! It's a great day for nurses of NL!

KOTN said...

I sure do love the curse words.


I am sickly proud.

towniebastard said...

Oddly, my thought, after being mildly disappointed that I was not Iqaluit's #1 mother fucker, was that somewhere Inflatable Elvis must be pissed.

Then again, he's on his way to a drunken European rampage, so I think he'll live with the disappointment.

As for the situation with the nurses, I'll have to read more about it, but it seems more win win for both sides at first blush.

KOTN said...

I work out my repression on the blog.... I mean, it isn't like I can look into a camera and say, "These motherfuckers won't knock it off with the seal bullshit. I mean, what the fuck, don't they have problems in their own countries? Spain has bull fighting..... fucking bull fighting, where the fuck do they get off lecturing Canadians about animals?"

and so on.

No bad words on TV, I let them rip online.

Or, as Dr Johnny Fever was one fired for saying.... 'Booger."