Friday, May 22, 2009


This actually came out on Monday and I've been meaning to do something on it since then, but kept putting it off, for whatever reason.

But this is one of my favourite photos of recent weeks. It's simple, poignant and kind of sad. But lord knows it's accurate of the way things are going in the newspaper industry.

This image from the recently deceased Tucson Citizen. It's just the latest casualty of what has been a truly horrific last six months for the newspaper industry.

I'm not a newspaper reporter anymore, and I joke with the reporters I know about this sort of thing. But let me tell you, every paper I see go down like this, it hurts. And I hope the hurting stops at some point. Because this is getting pretty brutal.

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Have you seen "State of Play"? The movie itself is just okay, but the final credits are poignant and worth watching.