Saturday, May 16, 2009

Break out the anti-depressants

I attribute the rather unpleasant weather of recent days as the reason why I haven't posted much. But I do have this little missive. My apologies if it's a touch....I don't know, filled with complaint.

I appreciate it's the 24th of May weekend - never mind that today is actually the 16th - and we live in the arctic, but the persistence of snow falling from the sky is starting to get to me a bit. As for Cathy, well, I feared a trip to pharmacy for anti-depressants was going to be necessary when we ran out to do our errands today.

I understand that snow on the Victoria Day weekend is a long stand tradition no matter where you are in Canada. It's the gods last kick at the can for the winter. As I've probably stated before, one of my favourite things to do for many years on this weekend was to go downtown, find a coffee shop, get a hot beverage, sit in the window and laugh as I saw the snow gently (or not so gently) fall from the sky and think about all the people foolish enough to be out in a camper or tent.

The word "Bastard" is not in the title of this blog just for show, kids.

But there's something about snow falling from the sky and landing on several inches of snow that's been on the ground since October that adds an extra level to the depressing. Or looking out the window and noticing that the bay is still completely frozen solid. The only good news is that for the first time since about October, the temperature briefly popped above freezing. Granted, the snow was still falling, so I don't know how that works, but it did offer up the smallest glimmer of hope.

The other thing about this time of the year is that it is not particularly graceful. I'm not suggesting spring is graceful in any part of Canada outside the west coast. It's just when things start to thaw out, the muck and potholes seem to take over the place for six weeks or so. And really, we're just in the beginning stages of it. Yes, the potholes are huge. But there's still plenty of snow left to melt and more falling from the sky doesn't help.

And the bay still looks frozen solid. No signs of thawing there.

I think it's starting to get to people around town as well. We're into about month number seven of winter and people are just getting done with it. Yes, it's been nice to blast around on snowmobiles and whatnot, but I get the feeling just as many people would be happy to have their ATVs out now instead. Everybody just seems kind of down right now.

Hence the countdowns. Cathy can tell you how many teaching days there are left in the school year (27) and I know how many days are left until we leave for Australia (56). It helps make the blahs a touch more manageable.

Last Five
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3. A thousand suns - Hey Rosetta!
4. Let me live - Queen
5. The city is a drag - Hawksley Workman


tanker belle said...

The bay is still frozen...sign of global warming, ya think?

Monica from the Goose said...

Well, join the club ... we have the same situation here in Goose Bay, Labrador. It's the May long weekend, the garden is still covered in snow, the Bay is frozen solid and it's DEPRESSING. We have also had 7 months of winter and are sick to death of it!!! Sun is shining, but the wind is so cold you can't be outside. This sucks man! Send anti-depressant our way as well!

jen said...

Spring is coming, I promise lol. I'm sure that big wind storm you guys had did a number helping break up some of the bay, it might be hard to see. It happened here, an area that seemed solid got trashed up in the wind storm. I can see water!!

Shelley said...

umm... I'm guessing you've gotten a call from your parents, or someone else in town.... it's been a FANTASTIC May 24th weatherwise - sorry!

Amanda said...

ugh..I understand<3
Coming to work and having to scrape the mud off the back of your pant legs and hopping around like a friggin' gazell trying to avoid the pretty much unavoidable ministreams can be a pain in the ass.

towniebastard said...

On the positive side, the worst of the muck will be over with towards the end of June. And then you get to enjoy the quite lovely Iqaluit summer...assuming the mosquitoes don't eat you alive first.