Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday

So three years ago today, we got an email from the nice lady who runs this place to inform us that three little rodents had been born. And if you think I'm kidding about calling them rodents, well, I think this picture pretty much explains everything.

And eventually they became something slightly cuter.

And then he came up here and promptly took over.

I think we would have a very different life up here without Boo. And we very nearly didn't get him. If Max, my cat, had survived after travelling up here, then it is doubtful we would have went out and got him. I'm not saying I'm glad Max died. I still miss him and caution anyone about bringing pets up here. Not all of them travel well and, as I noticed on a board today, the only full-time vet in town is leaving in a few weeks.

But he's been a good dog. He's got character and a good heart, and that's pretty much what you want in a dog.

For those of you new to the blog and wondering what kind of breed he is, he's a Coton de Tulear. They're an expensive breed, but if you're looking for a dog that's good for people with allergies and is a good size for apartment living, they're hard to beat.

So Happy Birthday, Boo. And here's hoping for a lot more...

Last Five
1. Finest work song - REM
2. Go places - The New Pornographers
3. Two hearts beat as one - U2
4. Metropolis - The Pogues
5. It wasn't me - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins*


WJM said...


Dups said...

Happy birthday Boo!

Karin said...

HB Boo!! Will Boo be in STJ's this summer? I'd love to meet in person.

Amanda said...

I think I'm in love<3 what a doll.

towniebastard said...

Boo will be in SJ for the month we're in Australia. So if you want to go and see him, I'm sure he'd enjoy the opportunity to jump all over new people.

Ron said...

I thought he was a boo-z-hound