Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures and prizes

By the way, in case you thought I was kidding about the mess around Iqaluit right now, here's a quick picture of the view outside my window. There's a bit of fog hanging over the bay right now, so you can't get a good view of all the ice, but trust me, it's out there, there's lots of it, and it goes on for as far as the eye can see.

Boo is also pretty unhappy with the weather. For ages it was too cold to take him out, now it's too wet. A simple 15 minute walk results in him coming home a different colour - from his usual white to a very filthy brown.

Speaking of which, and since this seems to be a picture based post, here's one of the three of us from a couple of weeks ago, when it was colder and not quite so mucky. We went out to take some pictures to send home for Mother's Day. This wasn't the one used, but it's still pretty good. A family portrait, as it were.

And finally, back several months ago I won the Best Blog Post for the Nunies. Which is pretty cool in and of itself, however both Clare and Jen also offered up prizes. Well, this week they both arrived. Clare supplied the hat and Jen the mug. And I think both are pretty snazzy.

And as is always the case, Cathy can pull off the hat much better than me. Just trust me on this.

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy the last few hours of relaxation for this long weekend. It's been nice, even if we haven't done much. A nearly perfect weekend of sloth. Just what the doctor ordered.

Last Five
1. Figure 8 - Sean Panting*
2. Man-sized wreath - REM
3. Set the fire to the third bar - Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright
4. Evaporated - Ben Folds
5. Trigger happy - Lloyd Cole


Megan said...

Awesome prizes, well deserved.

Clare said...

Great it arrived! Sorry it took so long bud.

Oh yeah, well deserved.

In Iqaluit said...

Very cool prizes!

And is that the grease I see on the roof of the Snack already?! I wonder if that is why the last fire started.

And I have been meaning to ask: what does the asterisks mean on your song list?

towniebastard said...

It's either grease or a whole lot of raven crap.

As for the asterisks, it normally denotes which song of the five I like the best.