Monday, September 08, 2008

Suddenly, I'm intrigued

No sooner do I bemoan anything interesting happening in the federal election than two things pop up on the radar that have caught my eye. Granted, both of them are happening in Newfoundland and not at a national level, but still, it's a start.

First there was the news that Ryan Cleary is trying to land the NDP nomination in St. John's South/Mount Pearl. That alone would have bought me some amusement. Until recently, Cleary was editor of The Independent, an interesting, but flawed weekly in St. John's. It folded and I guess Ryan was looking for something to do, so he figured why not federal politics.

It would have been intriguing to follow for any number of reasons. First, Cleary has spent many, many hours ranting against how unfairly Canada has treated Newfoundland with more than a hint of a suggestion that Newfoundland would be better off on its own. Now, I have special contempt in my heart for Newfoundland nationalists, who I consider the most delusional and stupid breed of creatures inhabiting the Newfoundland political landscape. So watching Cleary trying to say nice things about Canada in an election campaign would have been amusing.

The more cynical might believe that Cleary is running in the hopes that Premier Danny Williams might throw his support behind him. For those outside the province who read the blog and are baffled by Newfoundland politics, well, join the club. The premier has entertained the genius notion of creating the ABC campaign - Anybody But Conservatives. Yes, the premier is a conservative, but that's a small matter. Williams is upset because Harper took the unprecedented historical move of lying to a premier.

Instead of growing up and getting on with it, or guilting the prime minister for this move, Williams launched his own little jihad from his home base. He is hoping to not only convince all Newfoundlanders, but a chunk of Canadians that they should listen to a Newfoundland premier and not vote for Harper. Because, after all, who knows better about the political concerns of Ontarians, for example, than a Newfoundland premier.

If Dalton McGuinty pulled the same stunt, most Newfoundlanders would feel insulted. But never underestimate my countrymen's ability for self-delusion. Playing politics has always been an artform in Newfoundland; Williams is now the Picasso of it. You're so blinded by the supposed brilliance of the work that you fail to notice it really doesn't make any kind of sense.

Anyway, Cleary. Who was also going to be amusing on one final level because local reporters, for the most part, loathe him. He at least partially built The Independent by taking shots, often cheap ones, at his competitors in the local media. Cleary has always had a healthy ego and chip on his shoulders. I realized that quickly enough when I worked with him briefly back in '95. But if this is any indication, he's going to be in for a rough ride. Consider that the warning shot.

But the absolute best news is that my former colleague and still very good friend Craig Westcott has decided to run for the Conservatives in St. John's East.

Now, under ordinary circumstances, I'm not the biggest fan of the Conservative Party in the world and over the years I have many reasons for coming to that conclusion. Hell, I have many reasons this election to be distrustful of the party. But Westcott running for them....this is genius. It's madness as well, you understand, but it's also genius. There's always been a fine line between the two and this dances right on the edge. But if you have to elect a Newfoundlander who absolutely will not be bullied or cowered, which so often seems to happen, then I can't think of a better person.

Craig could die and go to hell, meet the devil and tell him to go fuck himself. He's as close to fearless as I've met in a reporter and person. I've no doubt - none - that he would make a fantastic MP. He would also likely inject some much needed colour from the Newfoundland caucus, something that has been missing for years. My regret is that I can't vote for him. But I will send him a cheque and nag family and friends to vote for him.

However, it makes St. John's North that much more interesting. It's one of the most deeply conservative ridings in Atlantic Canada, which would seem to favour Westcott. But Williams hates Westcott for the many critical stories he's written about the premier over the years. Deeply and seriously. Plus, Williams good friend Jack Harris is likely going to run for the NDP in the riding.

See, all I need was some good drama to go along with my politics. It helps it go down easier. Now, I wonder if anything interesting will happen in Nunavut in the election?

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WJM said...

If Dalton McGuinty pulled the same stunt,




Jason said...

If I manage to get to vote from abroad (a difficult and time consuming process) there is no way in hell I would vote for a Conservative candidate. Harper's government is an embarrassment while abroad and a regression to rejected polices in the past. I don't agree with Danny on much but it doesn't take much for me to reject the federal conservatives. Danny isn't much of a progressive conservative, but compared to Harper.

Now with Harris running, I've got to say I think this will be the first time I vote NDP. Okay my rant is done.

Anonymous said...

"who I consider the most delusional and stupid breed of creatures inhabiting the Newfoundland political landscape"

I didn't know Danny "the mouth that roared" was one. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

NDP??? Haha you might as well vote for Specky Spivitz in the Smegma party for all the good that will do. Enjoy your spoiled ballot suckaaaah.

Anonymous said...

I live on the left coast but like your insights and news of home. Today I was amazed at a report that Bob Fife did on CTV about the outrageous tactics that Danny may be using against Harper or anyone who might vote for him. Can you speak (in generalities if necessary)about the liklihood of this Chicago-mob style tactics stuff being true?
Cheers, Obie

Alberta Girl said...

"Harper's government is an embarrassment while abroad "

Really Jason - I guess that is why he gets all those accolades from the international press - including the recent Wall Street Journal article.

What a dolt!

towniebastard said...

Not that I suspect you're about to become a regular here, Alberta Girl, but do watch the abusive language.

Secondly, anyone can find an article supporting their side. You have your WSJ article, here's one from Slate.

So don't get too cocky.

Paul MacPhail said...

Your observation about Danny's effect on voters in the rest of Canada is pretty accurate. I used to have some respect for Danny, but to be completely honest I knew he was leaning this way as far back as 2004. His words and actions do not remind me of any Newfoundlander & Labradorian that I know of; they're all decent people. If anything, I think Danny has done more damage to NL than he would have if he just showed some willingness to compromise. He had two choices, he picked one and then complained that he didn't get the other. Now he's put NL in the unenviable position of having to choose between other parties that if elected, would tax the oil industry to such an extent that the 100% of royalties would be half of what NL is getting now. Love the Craig Westcott vs the Devil bit, I'll miss seeing Loyola Hearn on QP so hopefully he'll be every bit as articulate.