Saturday, September 06, 2008


Like most people, I love The Daily Show, however it's not often the show actually has me laughing and pumping my fist like I did last night. And yes, the anti-McCain documentary was funny ("A maverick who crashed his plane not once, but five times."), but it was the clip below that got me going. It takes some of Bush's 2000 RNC acceptance speech and runs it as a comparison to what McCain said on Thursday.

Let's just say the similarities are kind of eerie. If the Democrats had any brains, they'd buy this spot and run it as an ad everywhere.

Watch and enjoy. Or be terrified. Whichever...

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Way Way Up said...

WOW! That has to be some of the best material I've seen Stewart come up with. I don't know why anyone in the mainstream media picks up on stuff like that. I've always been frustrated with how the US media always seems to treat their politicians with kid gloves when it comes to the real issues. Sadly they focus on all these stupid side issues - one of the reasons why I've given up hope of the US electing a leader that will ever show real international leadership.

While I've often been a critic of the CBC I have to concede that they do a MUCH MUCH better job of asking the tough questions and holding Canadian leaders to account than do their American counterparts with their leaders.

Matthew and Michele said...

Someone needs to hire a different speech writter than Bush.

SRD said...

depressingly, none of the Friday episodes are getting shown in the UK...we have to put up with Monday night's _global edition_ but with luck this'll make it in.