Friday, September 26, 2008

My prediction

Still some uncertainty this morning about whether or not the presidential debates will go ahead this evening. My prediction is that they will. McCain will say something like "I'm confident enough that a deal is close that I can go down to Mississippi and do the debates and then return to complete the deal."

Which is bullshit, of course. No one in politics or media thinks he's making the slightest bit of positive difference in Washington and more than a few think he's made things worse.

But he really can't give Obama a 90 minute prime time forum to talk about foreign policy and the economy without being their to rebut him. It would be a serious blow to the campaign.

So yeah, he'll be there. Whether or not he'll be in any kind of proper shape to give a lively debate is another matter altogether. He's looked pretty ragged the last few days.

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Megan said...

This is a mess.

How can he NOT do the debate? Seriously, how is it even possible that we are discussing the possibility that he won't???

There's some speculation that this is a ploy to get the VP debate cancelled, because he suggested moving tonight's debate to that night. If that's the case, it's a pretty stupid ploy. The networks shouldn't go for that.

Karin said...

Andrew and I are hosting a debate party tonight.

We've decided if McCain doesn't show we'll just do shots and watch the media rip McCain to shreads. Fun!

If he DOES show - we've got a drinking game lined up. We'll just watch Obama rip him to shreads. Really fun!

Either way we'll be tipsy and the GOP will be in shreads.

Fun fun fun....

towniebastard said...

A CNN newsflash just said McCain will be at the debate even though there appears to be no deal in place.

Between the lack of deal and a bank collapse last night, the US is seriously and deeply freaking me the fuck out right now. Part me wonders, since McCain's campaign is teetering on the edge of disaster right now, if he isn't just going to say "you know what, fuck it. You go and fix it, I'm done."

If McCain's debate perfomrance this evening is horrific, especially on top of the Palin horror show of the last few days, he's done.