Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Future political commentary

Palin fact of the day: Her minister in Alaska had David Brickner, the founder of Jews for Jesus (I remember seeing their posters in New York in 2000 and laughing, thinking they couldn't possibly be serious. Yes, yes they are) give a guest sermon two weeks ago, which Palin attended, saying that attacks against Isreal were God's punishment for them not converting to christianity. Her regular minister said, no kidding, that just because she attended that particular sermon, doesn't mean she believes what Brickner says. Given what Obama went through earlier this year with his reverend, that's almost funny.

Jews, meanwhile, are about as thrilled with this revelation as you might expect.


So, an interesting way to start your morning is to walk out of the apartment, run into your next door neighbout, exchange the usual morning pleasentries and then have him say, "Oh, by the way, I'm really enjoying your blog."

"Ummm, urrr...thanks."

"By the way, if you were wondering, you can never go wrong with more blog posts involving Steven Harper being zapped with a cattle prod."

Well, never let it be said that I don't give the people what they ask for. I mean, I hated the ad at first and that terrible, rictous smile that Harper had at the end. I used to lunge for the remote to flip the channel. Since that the mental image of Harper being zapped off-screen to produce that Joker-like look (some white paint, green hair...hmmmmm) is firmly in my head, it's much more pleasant to look at. Now I just lunge for the remote to hit the mute button.

In fact, I've used it once or twice to help me drift off to sleep. Now, I imagine for many of you, the last image you want in your head is you drift off to sleep is of Harper. However, I normally try and imagine something to help relax me before going to sleep and really, the thought of Harper being zapped with cattle prods oddly does fill me with a sense of calm. It's quite soothing, actually.

This is also as good a time to clear up a few political commentary matters for the weeks ahead. As other northern bloggers have noted, there's the US election, a soon to be announced Canadian election and Nunavut will hold its third territorial elections in late October.

So to be clear, I'm going to keep commenting on the US election because its deeply fascinating to me. I have a clear Obama bias, so keep that in mind.

I will probably comment on the Canadian election. I hate pretty much all of them and will treat them all with contempt. But I think I hate Harper a little bit more, so he might get zapped a bit harder. I honestly don't know how I'm going to vote, so it will be curious to see if any of them can muster up something that interests or impresses me enough to get me to sway in their direction.

I'm not going near the Nunavut elections with a 20-foot cattle prod. I think it's a fairly open secret that I work for the GN. And yes, the argument could be made that as a citizen of this country and territory I have the right to express my opinion if I choose.

And I'm choosing not to. It's not worth the all-but-inevitable racket just to satisfy my urge to shoot off my mouth.

So if people think less of me for that, I'll just have to deal. It's been amply proven already that Nunavut bloggers who shoot off their mouth on Northern matters can occasionally run afoul of their employers. And as there is no Nunavut Bloggers Union (and, in fact, I believe some unions have told people who have gotten in trouble with their employers for blogging to shut up, apologize and remove any offending posts) I'll just err on the side of caution, thanks. Politicians are touchy enough at the best of times, let alone when they're running for their political lives.

Besides, any time I get the urge, I'll just write about curling or comic books. That always makes the readers happy.

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Anonymous said...

It would appear everyone is jumping on Obamessiah's bandwagon.

What's next, spiderman for president?

The guy's a moron, who's somehow parlayed his dubious ethnic fence sitting into celebrity fervour, which he hopes will propel him into the White House. It may well do too, considering the sheep-like mentality of the American voter.

Looks like he's conned you too Craig. More interested in their election than in your own country's?

Deep thinker, eh? You're not one to be dazzled by all the flashy bells and whistles of the U.S. publicity machine are you? Shame on you.

Megan said...

You're a writer. If you want to write about something, you should be able to find a way. *hem hem*

You know who I am said...

Look Patrick Guifoyle is back!

Baby Daddy said...

Don't deep think so hard Craig. Its dangerous.

SRD said...

i've said from the start that it would be impossible for Palin NOT to say something deeply offensive about the middle east before November...but that will probably just make most Americans approve of her more.....

I've got to say, of all the things people can criticise about Obama (and I think he's the best thing to happen to US politics in years - at the very least he's forced Mccain to up his game), I've never heard him called stupid before...