Sunday, September 07, 2008

Election a go, but who cares?

So as most people know, a federal election was called today. Which ought to be prime red meat for any blogger with an interest in politics.

And yet, it's been hard for me to get interested. I suspect it will be hard to keep my level of interest up for most of this campaign. Why? Several reasons, I suspect.

Part of the reason is that any Canadian election will pale in comparison to what's happening in the United States. In terms of drama, in term so the stakes involved, what's happening in the United States blows away the stakes in the Canadian election. I don't get any sense of urgency or necessity for this election. It's pure politics, not over any grand debate or fight for the future of the country. Plus, I get the sneaking suspicion not much will really change.

Barring a collapse from one of the parties, it will be a minority government at the end of this election. It will either be a conservative one or, less likely, a Liberal one. Does it really matter much if a few seats change one way or another? That's why it's hard to be interested.

Then there was the second reason that became clear when I was talking to my father this evening. That this is the least inspiring group of political leaders that I can recall in my life time. Oh, there have been plenty of awful, bland and useless political leaders before. Each party has had their share. But I don't think there's ever been such a concentrated gathering of mediocre in a federal election in my lifetime.

Harper looks like the Joker sans green hair and make-up. Dion is an absent-minded and particularly clueless poli-sci professor. Layton looks the kind of arrogant git you try and fend off if you're in a bar when he's hitting on you. And May....I don't know. I'm impressed enough with how far she's managed to take the Green party, given how raw and new it is to big league politics. But it's still hard to take her or the party seriously.

So yeah, I need something to get me worked up over this. It is important. As I've said, I haven't really decided who I'm going to vote for. Hopefully one of the parties steps up and shows me something special. Or at least something to amuse or infuriate me. Because right now, this election is about as exciting and interesting as drying paint.

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