Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate results

Well, they're on TV spinning the hell out of things both on TV and online. And, of course, each side is claiming they won and analysts are giving their take on things.

And in my own small corner of the universe in which no one in the United States likely gives the slightest care about? I really would call it a draw. Both men spoke intelligently and passionately about the issues. Yes, McCain might have more experience and been to more parts of the world, but I think as was ably shown, it doesn't mean he made better decisions with that knowledge.

So will either man benefit? I'm not sure. On the one hand, McCain needed to come out and show he knows what he's doing. After the last week, he's looked fairly incompetent and irrational. So it's good for him that he sounds knowledgeable about foreign affairs.

The bad news for McCain? Obama sounded like he knew what he was talking about just as well. And saying "Senator Obama just doesn't understand" or "Senator Obama is naive" a lot just doesn't make it so when Obama sounded quite reasonable in his arguments.

The other downside for McCain? Foreign policy is his strong point and that debate is now over and done with. Oh, there might be another chance to discuss Iraq in the second debate, a town hall, but most people from here on in are going to care about the economy. And while neither man wowed on that front this evening, you get the feeling the longer McCain has to talk about it, the more uncertain he's going to seem.

Neither man harmed themselves this evening. Given that Obama is up by about three points in most national polls and battleground state polls are swinging his way as well, a no-lose debate is probably a small victory for Obama. He didn't put McCain away this evening, but realistically speaking, that wasn't all that likely anyway.

Next up, the vice-presidential slaughter, er, debate. Interesting the Joe Biden was there for Democrats to give a response. Sarah Palin was offered the chance to respond, but the McCain campaign refused to let her. That's probably the saddest thing I heard this evening, actually.

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Anonymous said...

Were you watching the same debate I was watching Craig?

I guess it doesn't really take much to wow the sound-byte crowd, does it?

Obama did nothing but grasp for words, back-pedal, and parrot McCain for most of the debate, but I guess as long as he could waffle for a couple of minutes at a time about nothing, that's all that was needed to satisfy the brain dead viewer.

Mireille Sampson said...

Once upon a time the word "anonymous" meant a woman wrote it, because no one would publish a woman. In the internet age we need a new definition.

"anonymous: lacking the testicular fortitude to assign one's identity to one's opinion even in a democratic and torture-free society."

towniebastard said...

You should see the abusive anonymous comments that don't make it to the blog. I let this one slide as it wasn't too assholish, unlike most of the other ones.