Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clever, but bad

If I never heard the phrase Great Depression 2.0 again, that would be all right with me.

I mean, it's clever and all, but I want to find the person who coined it and smack the crap out of him. Repeatedly. For many hours.

It is such an odd feeling, continuing on with your life as normal while everyone else is screaming that the sky is falling and that we're all doomed. I don't know if it's the bizarre isolation bubble that comes from living where we do or just the reality of the world these days. We've all been doomed so many times through so many different ways in recent years (Avian Flu, terrorists, Anthrax, giant asteroid strikes, Paris Hilton) that I wonder if the general public just builds up a certain level of immunity towards disaster after awhile.

"The US economy is about to catastrophically collapse! We're all doomed!"

"Cool, is that the new Will Smith movie where he plays a banker with the secret codes that can save Wall Street and jump start the economy? I've been wanting to see that."

I suspect that if the world ever did come to an end, it wouldn't be with a bang or a whimper. It would be with a "WTF? Is that it? Dude, that was lame."


In other amusing things from the growing disaster to the south, I managed to find some mirth in these two things.

First, beware if you get an email from Minister of Treasury Paulson looking for $800 billion. It might be one of those scam emails you hear about. Or even more scary, completely legit.

Secondly, if you think reporters are getting frustrated with the McCain campaign and the almost complete lack of access to Gov. Sarah Palin, take a gander at this lede from the usually reserved AP. It is quite possibly the best lede I've read in ages.

Less than a week after balking at the Alaska Legislature's investigation into her alleged abuse of power, Gov. Sarah Palin on Monday indicated she will cooperate with a separate probe run by people she can fire.

I challenge local reporters to come up with a lede more snarky and dead on than that one.

Last Five
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2. Spring haze (live) - Tori Amos
3. Fantasize - Liz Phair
4. It makes me wonder - Blue Rodeo
5. The miller's daughter (live) - Spirit of the West*


Melissa said...

LOVE that lede (is that really how it's spelled?). Also, pertaining to your observation that global crises seem so much more secondary or on the periphery than headlines would have us feel/believe,I found myself wishing that one of your last 5 was PJ Harvey's cover of "Is that all there is...?"

I feel the same but I always thought it was because I live in Asia. Kinda cushioned from the American reality, I thought. So far ...

Bob Izumi Jr. said...

A brilliant lede.

I accept your challenge. With elections happening all over the place, I'm sure I'll have ample opportunities.

towniebastard said...

We might just be on the edge and not able to see the fall, but it's certainly a weird time to be living in.

And you know it's a good lede when seasoned presidential election journalists, practically the very definition of cynical, are linking to the story and going "dude, awesome lede."

And try not to top that lede on anyone I might directly work for, ok? ;)