Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What today is

Just a gentle reminder for my lovely wife, who is terrible with dates ("I know your birthday is in January...what more do you want?") on what today is. It happened three years ago today. There was a bit of hoopla associated with it.

Once again we find ourselves apart on our anniversary. Part of the perils of being married to a teacher. But next year we will be together (barring extreme weirdness) for our fourth, somewhere in Australia.

It's been a good three years. Here's hoping for a lot more...

Last Five
1. Baby, now that I've found you (live) - Allison Krauss and Union Station
2. The playboy mansion - U2
3. Lies (live) - Stan Rogers
4. Ribbons undone (live) - Tori Amos
5. Gold in them hills - Ron Sexsmith*


Megan said...

Congratulations, guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Wishing you many more years of happiness together!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. It is also my parent's anniversary, their 55th. And marks another significant day in my life, one that is much less happy.

Good on you.

Ron said...

Great picture - congratulations!


WJM said...

If she can only remember the month, not the day, then the implication is obvious.

You don't just get a birthday out of the deal, you get a whole birthmonth.

jen said...

Happy Anniversary!! I think this is the first photo of you two yet on this blog! Great photo!

Aida said...

congratulations and happy anniversary!