Friday, July 25, 2008

San Diego

I should mention that this weekend is San Diego Comic Con weekend. I suspect most of you might not care about this. However, SDCC has moved beyond just being a weekend for comic book events and has become the geek orgy event of the year. Movies, TV shows, video games....all of it now has a place of prominence at the show. What I attended in New York back in April was big...about 70,000 people attended over three days. This show will easily double that number over its four days.

There's apparently something similar in Japan that draws half a million. Ye gods...

If you're interested, here are a few sites to follow this weekend for the latest news.

Newsarama Blog
Comic Book Resources
The Beat
Entertainment Weekly

There will also be a ton of blogs reporting on the con. I imagine a quick blog search, using SDCC as a search will find them for you.

But really, the thing I'm looking forward to the most are the pictures from the con. My favourite thing about New York, after meeting some of the creators and just the whole surreal atmosphere around the place, were the people in costumes. Most put a lot of time and money into them and it's well worth your time at one of these events to find a good spot and just people watch for a few hours.

In lieu of that, a nice Flickr stream will do. Just type SDCC 2008 into a Flickr search and you'll find lots. Good for a bit of amusement. If I find any really amazing photos, I'll post or link to them on the blog this weekend.

And now, away to work....

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