Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two doors

I'm starting to get googly-eyed from looking at pictures. I took about 750 pictures when in Italy. Cathy probably took another 50 or so with her camera. It's a lot to go through, especially since I'm having a bit of fun playing with Aperture, the Mac photo adjustment/management program - tweaking what I've taken.

The problem is that they seem, for the most part, trapped on the computer. I've been having internet connection problems all evening. Nothing serious, just enough when I try to upload them to Photolab so we can print copies which Cathy can pick up, it crashes. Meaning I've spent a pretty frustrating evening. I've called it quits for today and will try again tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I'll burn them on a CD and mail it to Cathy.

Why not print them up here? Because last time I checked it was something like 50 cents or more to print one 4 x 6. Compare that to about 15 cents at Photolab. And using our photo printer would eat about $100 worth of printer ink. So, getting them done down south it is.

For those nagging me to upload some pics to Facebook or Flickr, I'm having similar problems. Facebook in particular. I'm having real problems uploading pictures there. It's taking forever to upload just five pics.

In the meantime, I'm going to put up these two pictures. They're of doors.

Why? Just because I love them. They're magic shots. Random bits of flukery you find when aimlessly wandering through alleys. You glance down and there's magic. It's like theft. Cathy's perplexed as to why I love these two pictures so much. There's nothing about them that says they were taken in Italy. But I love them all the same. I suspect Greg, Dups or Jennifer would know why I love them so much.

The first picture was taken in San Gimignano, the famed towered city in Tuscany. We were looking for a scenery shot and Cathy pointed and said "look, a rubber duck." This is what I got.

This one was when we were semi-lost in an off-the-beaten path alley in Venice. We turned a corner and there it was. It actually looked like the flowers were producing the light.

And, what the hell, one real shot of Italy. I took a lot of pictures of Cathy during those three weeks. I think this is my favourite.

Last Five
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3. Wet blanket - Metric
4. So jealous - Tegan and Sara
5. We hide and seek (live) - Alison Krauss and Union Station


Jackie S. Quire said...

Re: facebook.

I was having the same problem. But I think I found a solution. It takes forever... but not quite as long as what I had been doing.

If you have the "easy uploader" tool, and upload 4 or 5 at a time, it works a lot better and faster than doing bulk uploads with the tool.... and is MUCH faster (and a lot less finicky) than the individual "classic" uploader.

Hope that helps...


dups said...

Yes, I like the two doors :)

Greg said...

What a great place, eh?

Just the other day I was explaining to someone that on any given shoot, commercial or editorial, there are always a couple of pictures I tuck away for myself. They are not the best ones for the clients needs but end up being my favorite ...usually from some personal quirky reason.