Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two trailers

Two major comic books had trailers for their impending movie adaptations released in the last week. In my opinion, this is a bad one.

I can't exactly put my finger on it, but it just looks really...cheesy. I like Frank Miller, but at least from this trailer the visual look appears almost identical to 300 and Sin City. But all the elements of it to me scream disaster. I think what sunk it for me was seeing Samuel L. Jackson in a Nazi uniform. I know it's likely a dream sequence or something, but if you're breaking that out for me in a trailer, it sinks my expectations.

And yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of the Spirit in the world. It's one of those series that comic professionals and diehards tend to like a lot more than the average fan. Here's a Wikipedia entry explaining the historical importance of the book.

This trailer, on the other hand, is driving fans into rapturous glee.

I really didn't think Watchmen was a filmable comic book. It's entirely too complex with a lot of the fun not just in the writing and the art, but also in the symbolism and the way the comic is laid out and designed. Trying to cram all of that into a two to three hour movie? A 12 hour mini-series might be more doable.

I'm still not entirely sure, but I admit this trailer is giving me hope. As someone online pointed out, as good as the trailer is, we haven't heard anyone speak dialogue yet. Which is a fair point. Still, fans are over the moon for it at SDCC. And as any number of news stories before SDCC got started this week reported, winning over the geeks at this event is a big deal. I imagine the studio is happy. If the geeks had hated it, the negative buzz might have sunk it months before it hit the screens.

I hope this is good, I really do.

Now if you excuse me, I have to hunt down that Smashing Pumpkins song...

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