Monday, July 21, 2008

Back in the NU

You know, when the pilot came over the PA system on the plane this morning and announced it was 24C in Iqaluit, I just assumed the apocolpyse happened shortly after leaving Ottawa and then when I reached here there will be little devils waiting for me at the arrivals gate.

Nope. It actually is 26C today. I was talking to the cabbie on the way back from the airport and he said it was the warmest he'd ever felt and he had been here more than 20 years. And because of whatever weird way temperatures work up here, it actually feels much warmer than that. We're not talking Rome-level of heat. But people are feeling it around town. I suspect if I hadn't just come from a very hot country, I would be dying. As it stands, I'm doing all right. Even the apartment isn't too bad, but the sun isn't shining through the windows right now, so that might change in a few hours.

So yes, back in Iqaluit. It's always a shock when you've been away for a few weeks, in places with thousands and thousands of people bustling around you, to come back here. There's always the "what am I, nuts?" that settles in the first few days you're back. But eventually you get used to things around here and even remember why you like and choose to live here in the first place.

A lot of things to blog about over the next few days. Saturday was, if not as bad as last Monday (the day I lost the passport) certainly comes a close second. There's also more that needs to be said about my run for MUN's Board of Regents, some thoughts on the latest Batman movie, a final wrap-up on Italy and a few other things.

But for right now, just going to relax and take it easy. I'll post more tomorrow.


Table Mountains said...

26c !!! i bet it was your trip to the vatican that helped get that one.

Aida said...

wow, so far i dont think we are up there yet and we are further down south!