Sunday, July 13, 2008

Venice is sinking (very slowly)

1. Apparently God is touchy. We were lying in bed this morning, trying to sleep in a bit and actively cursing on the chorus of church bells going off all around our hotel. About 20 minutes after that, a thunderstorm blasted through the area. Apparently He is not above firing a warning shot. Duly noted.

2. Enjoying Venice a lot, although we decided to get out of dodge yesterday, figuring Venice would be crazy on a Saturday. So we got on a water bus and travelled to Murano and Burano, two islands further out in the lagoon. Nice places. Burano sort of looks like what you would get if you took a rural Newfoundland community and dipped it in the Medeterrian. Murano is famous for its glass, so we did some shopping there.

3. Myself and Cathy have noted that there is a distinct lack of penises in Venice. This does not mean the place is filled with eunochs. It is just there were a lot of them in Rome (on statues and what not), although many of them were broken off. I do not know what that says. And there were plenty in Florence, although mostly on paintings (and the David). But in Venice, not so much. I do not know why, but these are the things you notice on vacation.

4. Cathy has also noted there are fewer nuns. No idea if this is linked to lack of penises or not.

5. We are off to Monteresso tomorrow. We already have our tickets booked, so we are good to go. No idea of internet access, so we shall see. By the way, sorry about any errors over the last few posts. Italian key boards are deeply weird.


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