Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick post from Venice

Six euros for an hour of internet in Venice. Blogging may become more infrequent.

1. A pox on the hotel in Florence, who decided to not take our Visa this morning. Well, their machine rejected it and the "lady" who is the manager helpfully suggested that perhaps we had spent too much money and was over our limit.

Blow me.

An emergency call to Visa said the lady was on drugs. Still could not get their machine to work so we had to pay cash. When I get home, I will find every travel site this hotel is listed on and burn the place to the ground. This will be my small revenge.

2. Train was fine. No problems.

3. Venice exceeds all expectations. It is a marvel. We, of course, got lost. But I can think of no place better to do that. Dups, you need to get here and bring lots of memory cards. Dear god, the photos that must be taken.

Right, more later.

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