Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out with the old, in the with the equally old

For the last eight or so years or so the Little Green Car has served Cathy well. She's served me well for the past three years since we moved up here. It's a Hyundai Accent and while I've had a negative view of Hyundai in past years, there's no doubt she's done a pretty good job in dealing with circumstances that a Little Green Car might not ordinarily expect to have to go through. Such as starting when it's -60C outside.

And yet she did, with only the occasional squealing noise as she warmed up.

Anyway, here she is.

If you would like to own this lovely vehicle, by all means drop me a line. We're letting her go at a pretty reasonable price. Living in Iqaluit would certainly help.

But now we have a new/used vehicle - a GM Tracker. She's about the same age as the Accent, but has about 20,000 fewer kilometres. And she's a truck. We just wanted something with a bit better traction. And really, this is pothole hell time in Iqaluit. It's nice to have something a bit higher up off the ground

I'm always a bit leery of buying a used vehicle. I keep wondering if something wrong that the previous owner didn't tell me about. But that's just me. I worry about shit like this. And this is my first used car so the paranoia level is ramped up that extra notch. But she handles well and aside from a small smack on the left front side, she looks fine. It would be easy enough to repair, but I think the only people who make more money fixing mechanical problems with cars are the ones who do body work.

Anyway, we have a vehicle. Here's hoping she last us a good few years and doesn't give us any problems.

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