Wednesday, April 09, 2008


A week from now I will be in New York. More specifically, I'll be at the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees game. Sadly, I'm surrounded by baseball philistines, who have no appreciation for exactly how cool this is. So even after I finally got my ticket to the game in the mail last week and waved it around both at work and at home, exactly nobody cared. However, because this is the internet, I shall wave it around here and those who care can oooh and ahhh in the comments.

You will also notice my pass for the New York Comic Con there as well. So that's two of my big worries taken care of. I was concerned when I ordered both if they would make it here in time, given the occasional eccentricities with the mail. But they both made it with about two weeks to spare. Even a glitch with my ticket to see the Daily Show was taken care of in short order with a few polite emails.

And even though I'm going to be going flat out during my trip, I've still been looking at other things. I was hoping to catch a taping of Saturday Night Live, but it appears it's going to be a repeat. I always like trying to catch an IMAX whenever I go to a city that has a theatre. But the movie playing is Shine a Light - the Rolling Stone concert movie. That could be amusing, but it does beg an important question - do I really want to see Mick and Keith on an eight story screen? That could be quite terrifying.

So the only thing I'm worried about now is actually getting to New York. I've been worried about the Iqaluit to Ottawa section ever since I booked it. You wouldn't think we'd have to worry about blizzards in the middle of April, but you do. There was one in May a few years ago that actually killed a couple of people. So yeah, the plane being able to safely arrive and depart is something I'm worried about. Especially since Cathy has been rooting for a blizzard for a couple of weeks now so she can have a day off. Sometimes the fates give you what you want, just not when you want it.

So if there is a blizzard next Tuesday, Cathy won't be able to be near me, I'm going to be that crooked.

However, I now have another concern. The FAA in the US is finally cracking down on airlines for safety violations. For example, today American Airline grounded 1,000 flights causing exactly the amount of chaos you would think such a move would create. I'm flying Continental to Newark and so far they haven't been hit. Here's hoping that continues.

Anyway, if I make it as planned, I'll be taking my laptop and a camera, so I can give updates on my trip. Including pics from the con. That might sound boring, pictures of a comic con, but there will be fans dressing up, so there's plenty of opportunities for amusement, trust me.

Last Five
1. Whatever it takes - Ron Sexsmith
2. The new - Interpol
3. The river driver (live) - Great Big Sea
4. Let's dance - David Bowie*
5. Closing time - Tom Waits


Mireille Sampson said...

Airlines seem to be fairly messed up these days. A discount asian airline closed down on this side of the pond, just a few days ago and Heathrow opened terminal 5 recently. You'd think opening the new terminal would make like easier for Heathrow travellers, but it all went to shit and rather a lot of flights were cancelled. While the infrastructure was ready to open, those supposed to be running things weren't so well prepared.

Have fun in NY!

colette said...

Waitagoddamnminnit here.

Nobody said anything about the Daily Show before.

You _bastard_!

You are now under orders to kidnap Jon Stewart and send him my way.

towniebastard said...

Yeah, I'll get right on that, Colette.

Karin Smith said...

Craig I must say I'm with Colette on this one. I'm envious you'll be in the same room with him, sharing oxygen.

Good luck next week with flights. I have a feeling you'll be okay. Continental has been great on our STJ trips through Newark.

Oh and I totally get the baseball thing...but then again I'm the daughter of a big-time Yankee fan. Yankee Stadium is Mecca to my father.

Have fun!

dups said...

Ummm yeah. Sorry still don't care about the baseball game... yes, yes, I am a philistine...

However, enjoy the rest of the trip Craig! Looking forward to the stories.

Anonymous said...


towniebastard said...

Damn, I would have liked to have seen her play. Ah well...

And Dups, I'll be posting highlight as I'm in NY, including lots of photos from the con floor. I'm really hoping for some truly odd costumes. Maybe the Elvis stormtrooper will be in attendance.