Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'm still on some freakish endorphin high or something. I've barely eaten today, it's after midnight, I still have an article to finish for Newsarama and I'm like the fucking Energizer Bunny.

First, the great news. I entered a contest on one of the comic sites and won a VIP pass for the show. Which brought with it all manner of cool prizes, including the VIP pass. That not only let me get onto the floor of the show before the doors opened, but gives me priority seating at all the panels. So while thousands were out in the very, very long line waiting to get in, I was chatting with a couple of artists and getting some sketches.

I was a happy, happy boy.

The entire con had that effect on me. I swear I spent most of the first few hours just wandering around in a daze. I chatted with Rick Leonardi, Collleen Doran, Peter Gross and Todd Nauck. By the way, Todd is a hell of a nice guy. Chatted with me while doing the sketch, thought it was very cool that I came so far for the con (everyone freaks out when they hear where I'm from. It's a dead easy conversation starter).

Most artists are charging for sketches, which is fine. Can't really expect them to do detailed work that can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes (Peter Gross's sketch of Death took about 90 minutes, but it's stunning). Besides, I've saved for this for three months. Aside from some graphic novels and the sketches, that's all I'm spending my money on. No single issues, toys or video games. I'll have a very nice souvenir when I'm done.

Tomorrow is going to be more craziness, but I can't wait. Unfortunately, you guys are going to have to wait until I get home to see pics. I took Cathy's little digital with me today and I don't have the chord for it. But you will get to see cool pics of people dressed like Mr. T, jedis, Princess Leia and strange people in anime costumes I don't recognize.

Anyway, off to finish the write up of Neil Gaiman's book reading. Which, again, was awesome.

Y'know, I think someone is going to have to taser me soon to get me to stop using that word.


Clare said...

What? I thought this was a curling convention.

Anonymous said...

you are using the word awesome so much you are starting to sound like Brett Michaels... lol

colette said...

You're not picking up any Pope souvenirs? Come onnnnnnnn, you know you wanna.

Denise said...

Not related to the comic book convention...but thought you'd be interested in reading.