Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not dead yet

Well, so far, so good. I'm set-up in my not really too bad at all room in mildly terrifying North Bergen, New Jersey. It's not like it's a rough neighbourhood. It's just that as best as I can figure, North Bergen exists solely to drive through to get to Manhattan.

All things have been pretty smooth, so far. The trip to Ottawa not only left on time, but arrived a few minutes early. My room at the Southways was upgraded to a suite (which annoyed Cathy to no end. And me a bit as well. A jacuzzi by yourself is really not that much fun) and got most of the resupply done. The only downside was a particularly grumpy Russian cabbie at the airport. When I told him I wanted to go to the Southways (about a $10 fare) he grumbled "Ah, lucky me, I wait 3 hours to get such a big fare."

Which I might have found amusing under some circumstances, but it's not the first time myself and Cathy have run into surly cabbies who are pissed we're not going farther away. I relayed my story to the guy at the desk at the hotel. Coincidentally, two people who arrived after me just had the same experience. I thought the desk guy was going to run out after them, he was so pissed. He told us next time get their licence # and report them.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't bother. But then I remembered the time last year Cathy had to go through 8 cabbies before she could get one to take her to the Southways. They saw her with the kennel and knew it was going to be a cheap fare, so they refused.

I'll do more on the New York portion of the trip this evening. I'm heading off in a few minutes to catch the Yankees game. evening in the Bronx.

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Clare said...

I got the same comment from a cabbie last summer. I made a show of looking at the cab licence and looking for a pen in my pocket and he suddenly became very helpful.