Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sketches, part 2

For those of you thinking that the New York con is over and I should stop talking about it, well, it's not over for me. Or at least my feet. Three days after it's over and they still hurt. I'd say the pain will also be felt by my Visa, but really that's not the case. Surprisingly few vendors at the con took Visa, which meant some scrambling at bank machines. But it also means the worst of the damage is already done to my bank account, which is all right.

Anyway, on with the sketches.

1. Rodney Ramos - Spider Jerusalem ("Transmetropolitan")

There are so many artists at the con that I walked past tables where I knew I had heard of them, but I just couldn't place where. That was the case with Ramos, whose art looked familiar, but I didn't know from where. Fortunately, he has a sign up listing some of the books he had worked on. One of which was Transmetropolitan, which is one of my top 10 all time comic series. Ramos worked a couple of the specials and the covers.

This is what he gave me, which was a bit more than I asked for. He normally charged extra for colour, but threw in the colour on the glasses for no charge. I'm quite happy with it.

2. Khoi Pham - Batman

Again, I knew Khoi's work from somewhere, I just didn't know where. Having just looked at his home page, I might have asked for something different than a Batman. This one was a quick sketch at the Marvel booth and there was no charge. That's why it's a bit rougher than some of the other ones. But still, for something he did in less than five minutes, it's quite nice.

3. Art Baltazar - Raven ("Tiny Titans")

Art was doing free sketches at the DC booth. To be honest, this was one of those "it's an artist and there isn't a huge line and it's free!" moments. But Tiny Titans looks cute enough and I've always liked Raven as a character. It's a cute enough quick sketch.

4. Keith Geffen - Ambush Bug

Geffen is one of these guys who has been around the industry for ages. He kind of disappeared for a few years, but has been making a big comback in the last few years. Geffen has drawn just about everything other the sun at one point or another, so I was genuinely baffled at what to ask him to draw. Plus, he was at the DC booth and only doing quick sketches. So when I got to him I just said "draw whatever you like." He gave me Ambush Bug. I confess to not being the biggest Ambush Bug fan in the universe, but it was still nice to meet him and it's a fun little quick sketch.

5. Rafael Albuquerque - Green Lantern

And yet another free sketch (I was apparently in a cheap bastard phase). However, at least I knew where I had seen Rafael before. He's the artist of the latest Blue Beetle series. And it just so happened that I had picked up the latest Blue Beetle trade paperback a couple of hours before. So why did I get a Green Lantern instead of a Blue Beetle? Not really sure. I just didn't feel like it, and I recalled he drew a pretty nice Green Lantern in the series, so I went with that.

Never really got the chance to talk to him much. He gets pretty into his artwork. Also, I hope he has a good chiropractor, because man, he really twists himself up when drawing. Still, it's a nice sketch.

6. Nuno Plati - Rogue

Again, not an artist I was immediately familiar with, but I like the art he had out on his table. This was also his first con and I think he was kind of surprised by the reaction he was getting to his artwork, which was very positive. He had prints for sale of different characters, but I like the idea of him drawing something there at the con for me.

This is the only sketch that's not done in the book. He didn't know when he would get around to doing it and didn't want to take my book for several hours. So this is done on smaller sheet of paper that I will likely tape into my sketch book. As for why Rogue, I like some of the prints he had of her. It's almost a fashion model way of drawing the character, which is different. I'm happy that all of the female characters weren't drawn like sex bombs. Yes, this is stylized, but still quite attractive.

Tomorrow, the final six sketches, including my favourite of the bunch.

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