Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Flight of the dead

Unreal. Even the dead get fucked over by Air Canada. After spending a small fortune (it was cheaper, and pardon the crudity, to have propped him up in seat and send him home than ship him cargo, which they had to do) to have a body shipped from Alberta to Deer Lake, it gets bumped from a flight and is 12 hours late arriving.

The airline didn't inform the family of the delay. It was only because the funeral director, who was at the airport to collect the body, called to let them know it got bumped that they found out. They even had to delay the funeral. The airline has also apparently not called to apologize for the massive screw-up.

You know, when the zombie Apocalypse happens I'll take solice in two things. First, that I'm relatively safe up here. And secondly, that most of the zombies are going to go straight for Air Canada employees and executives to settle some scores.

Although I imagine they will go hungry when the get to the airline execs. No brains, after all.

Seriously though, when is someone going to wake up, fire most of the AC execs and then do some corporate headhunting with airlines that know how to run properly (Singapore and Emerites airlines, I understand, are particularly well managed). Perhaps get a few people that know how to run an airline in a way so that most of your customers don't hate you and wish you dead.

Just a thought. Which is apparently more than we're seeing with Air Canada.

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Mike said...

Air Canada is making money. Its shareholders are making money and its managers are sharing in performance bonuses. Those poor sops who answer the phones at their call centre bear the brunt of customer frustration and that is just fine by the brass. Customer service be dammed. Its all about money. AC attitude is , if you don't like it go fly a kite...literally!!!

Way Way Up said...

Wow, how much more pathetic can Air Canada get?

Anonymous said...

Check your facts. The body arrived late to air Canada so it could not make it on the flight.

Delay the flight for a number of hours and inconvience the 90 passengers or let the flight go sans body.

Either way, it's not Air Canada's fault, but they will take the brunt of it. Part of being Canadian is to blame air canada for everything.

towniebastard said...

Well, I did check my facts. When I put up this blog post, that aspect of the story had not been published. So I was right when this post went up.

So why not take it down or amend it? Because AC doesn't get the same automatic benefit of the doubt that others might when that information came to light. They simply have screwed up too many times and caused too much harm over the years for me to completely eliminate the possibility that they made up that delay story to cover their ass.

Seriously, it wast he second thought that came to mind when I read the story. The first was "oops". The second one, "then again, it wouldn't surprise me if AC made that up to cover their ass."

Yes, AC gets blamed for everything. There's a very good reason for that.