Sunday, November 11, 2007

The zen of curling

I found this post by Kate amusing, specifically that I am somehow a "zen master" of curling. I think those who have seen me curl in previous years would not use the word "zen" to describe me. Zen indicates calm, and I was rarely that.

And yet with the exception of the first bonspiel of the year, I've been pretty relaxed this year. As best I can figure it's come from my acceptance that I'm not going to win the league play this year.

Yes, yes, it's only November. There's no sense in giving up yet, especially since I've only played two games. And yet, barring miracles, this year is pretty much a write-off.

On my Thursday night games, I have five players on my team. Of those, only two (including me) have previous experience. However, the other guy with experience can't play until the new year because of previous commitments on Thursday evenings. That leaves me with three new players. One of them hasn't played yet because of commitments on Thursday evening. His first game is this week.

As for the other two, well, one shows some promise. He's noticeably improved over the last couple of weeks and keeps asking questions, which is good. I think if he sticks with it, he'll be a good player.

As for the last player? Well....

I admire her commitment. However, during her first game she slipped, fell and hit her head. She was all right and I made sure she got home OK. Everybody falls at some point during curling, so I wasn't too worried. However, during the first end of her next game, she was running out to sweep a rock, slipped and landed hard on her arm. She tried to go for a bit longer, but it was hurting too much. So I took her up to the hospital and waited until a doctor saw her. The next day I dropped her a line to see how she was doing, figure it was just a sprain or a bone bruise.

Nope. She fractured her wrist in two places.

Now, she's saying she's coming back after Christmas, but we will see. I should mention for those who might freak out (hi Kate) that this is the first injury involving broken bones in years at the club. It doesn't happen all that ofter. Just unlucky

Anyway, that's my team. I made it to the finals last year. I have my doubts about that this year. But oddly, I'm all right with that. I mean, I muttered a bit, but that's all I can do. If I was that serious about it, I would have put my own team together, but I didn't.

So instead I've just resolved to try and help new players. I've been coaching the new players on my team. I'm sparing on Tuesdays and trying to give tips to some of the new players. And I've been going to the club on Saturdays during the open house and I'll help anyone who asks for it. I spent about an hour helping someone yesterday.

It's nice, really. I'm more relaxed (zen, if you will) and less of an asshole. Which, admittedly, is the way I tend to behave during my more competitive moments.

So I'm going to lose more (I lost my first two games my forfeit, but that's all right, I had to make sure my player wasn't hurt), but I'm having more fun and I'm teaching people, which feels all right.

Oh, Kate also mentioned doing an Iqaluit blogger coffee get together sometime. Next Sunday works for me, if others are interested.

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North of Nain said...

I'm out of town the next two Sundays...can we do a second coffee clatch the first Sunday in December?

Michael said...

I'd be happy to drop in for coffee, but the airfare's a killer!
In the meantime, I want to inform you about a video series I'm posting part by part on YouTube about a Greenlander who works as a kayak guide in his home town of Assiat. The link is: The interview has much to say to Inuit both young and old who may be wondering how to put their past and present together to create a future for themselves. Check it out and pass the word along!

Kate Nova said...

Why don't we wait until the first Sunday of December then? I'm cool with that...