Thursday, November 29, 2007


So let's see what we have today:

1. A stomach bug of some sort which laid myself and Cathy out today. It's either a virus kicking around town or the KFC we ate last night. Pick and choose, but the results have pretty much been the same for us today.

2. Very high levels of traffic coming through the blog today. Most of it has to do with the sealing book racket. When you search for the author's name, my blog is one of the ones that show up. And judging by the fact that Macleans, CP and CBC national have picked up the story, the author is just getting oodles of free publicity today. She must be very happy.

3. First piece of semi-hate mail landed in my gmail account over the blog yesterday. Someone either linked to it or emailed it around to a bunch of people. I really do hope I don't get a bunch of anti-hunt nutjobs landing here over the next couple of days.

4. There was talk of the local blogging community getting together on Sunday. If that's still on, I guess we should pick a time and place. Fantasy Palace around 2 p.m. work for people?

Last Five
1. Welcome to the jungle - Guns 'n Roses
2. Mother - Tori Amos
3. Long and lazy river - Nellie McKay
4. Evening gown - Mick Jagger
5. Until the stars turn blue - The Corrs*


KOTN said...

Anti-hunt nutjobs are too much fun. Don't fear them, embrace their madness.

towniebastard said...

I just don't have much left in the reserve tank. For the better part of ten years I've fought them. I fought them when I covered dead cod rolling up on shore with their bellies ripped out and dozens of witnesses saying they saw seals do it, but only to have anti-hunt groups deny it and blame gulls.

I fought it when they put posters online of baby seals crying (seals have no tear ducts and can't cry). I fought it when anti-hunt groups came to St. John's to announe they were targeting MPs that supported the hunt and I asked the organizers if they were vegetarians and was practically torn to shreds.

I did editorials and columns every year blasting anti-hunt groups for lying and distoring the nature of hunt to line their bank accounts with donations from the gullable at the cost of rural fishermen.

And like an ill-smelling, ignorant, psychotic wave they keep rolling up.

Here's my counter offer. $100 million a year, tied to annual inflation, to be divided up using a formula, should be given to Inuit and Atlantic Canadians who kill seals. An exemption is put in place allowing the Inuit to continue to hunt and kill seals for personal use. Unprocessed seal pelts cannot be exported out of Nunavut.

If anti-hunt organizations (and it has to be them, not the feds) can pony up the cash, great. Put your money where your mouth is or fuck off and leave everybody alone and let them live their lives. That's my offer.