Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What's wrong with the Liberals

Just ridiculous amounts of traffic through the blog in the past 24 hours, most of it to do with Cst. Scott. There have been updates, of course, with the name of the person accused of doing the shooting being released, along with stories about what guidelines should be in place for RCMP officers responding to potentially dangerous calls.

I'm no expert, but the new guidelines do seem overdue. Even in small communities of only a couple of hundred that might only have two officers, something more needs to be done. The officers are overworked and being put into dangerous places far too often.

I actually had three other posts written and ready for this evening. But two of them just don't seem appropriate given the serious events of recent days up here. They're mostly bitching about personal stuff. So they can wait another day or two.

However, try as I might, I simply can't let this story pass without some comment. I'm weighing whether or not this is more pathetic than what happened to the Liberals in the byelection on Tuesday. Because for all the stupidity going on with that byelection, the Liberals realistically had no chance of winning that seat. They looked like idiots, but they were doomed anyway. But not showing up for a recount? It's only seven votes. Seven votes is nothing. The Liberals could easily pick up that seat. And they don't show up for the recount. And wait...they didn't show up for a recount for the leader of their party. What the fuck?

They've gone from being idiots to professional idiots. Premier Williams is saying that it could take decades for the party to recover. It's an exaggerations, but not by much if the current state of affairs keeps rolling. Simon is advocating a whole scale purge at the top. If I were a card carrying Liberal, which mercifully I am not, I would consider a lawsuit against party officials for being morons.

When you can make the NDP in Newfoundland and Labrador look organized, you know your fucked.

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Clare said...

Just a comment that while new guidelines requiring members to always have back up when they attend calls are overdue, they need to be accompanied by an increase in resources.

Effectively, in two person detachments, requiring there to always be two members on a call makes the members prisoners in town. One member going out snowmobiling, or fishing, or hiking means that the other member can't respond to calls, ergo nobody can be away from the phone. There needs to be at least three members in every community, if only for the members mental well being.