Sunday, November 18, 2007


A big old weekend of sloth. About the only thing we did today was to dig the car out from the blizzard we had last night. Which, by Newfoundland standards, was a pretty minor blizzard. But enough snow was dumped that I had to dig out. Still, not like I'm going to complain. I think it's about the fourth time I've had to shovel the car out since we moved up here more than two years ago. There were winters when we lived on Bond Street where I was digging out the car that much in the run of a day.

The highlight was the craft sale. Last year we picked up a lovely narwhale sculpture. I think the craft sale was better this year than last year in terms of the kind of things available. There was less, for lack of a better word, junk. There were plenty of people with tables last year that didn't have crafts. There were selling DVDs or used books, clothing and that sort of thing. They seemed to have weeded out a lot of those tables this year. Most tables were selling sculptures, home made clothing (knitted or made from seal, caribou, etc), beads, pictures or food. It was really nice looking at everything, although I was kicking myself for not remembering to bring my camera.

Ironically, we bought less this year than last year. Cathy picked up a few little things, but I didn't even grab that much. Simply we don't have many gifts to buy and what we do need to get is pretty much already taken care of. And as for buying things for ourselves, well, the old axiom comes into play - we won't buy it if there is no room for it. And these days, we have room for very little in the apartment.

Other than that, about the most exciting thing was booking hotels and rental car for Florida. Now, I know it's more expensive to rent a car from the airport than say from a place in the middle of town. But the difference between Fort Lauderdale airport for an economy class car ($450 USD for four days) versus the place about four miles away ($117 USD for four days) is slightly retarded.

We're trying to get the best deals we can, but at some point you just have to accept that there are times you're going to spend extra money despite your best efforts and not to lose your mind over it.

Anyway, one last piece of evidence that I'm not the only one being slothful this weekend. It's pretty contagious.


Jen said...

That picture is totally adorable. Boo looks pretty comfortable. Our Malamute sleeps on our bed, but he takes up much more room. It's like having a whole third person in bed!

towniebastard said...

Well, our bed is pretty small. And that wee dog can take up a lot of space when he feels like it. He also prefers to sleep between the two of us up by our heads and gets crooked when we move him back to the foot of the bed