Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cutting remarks

Along with psychic book sellers, I think I'm now fond of a psychic barbers. The place where I normally get my hair cut closed last month. So I found a new place, conveniently located in the phone book as "The Barber". Nice Scottish man who sat me down in the chair and started cutting. Which was interesting. Normally I have to explain what it is what I done. Given the amount of hair on my head, you wouldn't figure it would be that easy to mess up. And yet, I haven't had many good hair cuts since I moved up here.

This guy, just starts cutting. I thought about telling him what I wanted, but figured it would be more interesting to just see what happens. And, as it turns out, best hair cut I've had since I was in Ottawa back in April.

Seems like a nice guy to. I asked him if he was happy England lost in the EuroCup qualifiers. He was thrilled, although that got me a 10 minute rant about how Scotland got screwed on the weekend against Italy by the goddamn refs. There's nothing quite like a rant in a Scottish accent. So I'll be a regular from now on.


On a totally unrelated note, it seems I must mention this at least once a year for those who can't take the hint. The anonymous posting function remains on this blog for family and friends who want to post, but don't have a blogger account and don't want to go through the hassle of setting one up just to post a few sentences. It is not there for people to take personal cheap shots and then scuttle away without having the balls to sign their names.

As is the policy of this blog, such posts are deleted without comment. You want to go take anonymous cheap shots? There are plenty of other blogs. Or hey, if you live in Newfoundland, there's always VOCM's open line shows. But not on this blog.

This is not suppression of free speech. I believe in certain drastic circumstances, anonymous writing has its place. When your life is threatened, for example. Saying I suck on a blog is not covered under those drastic circumstances clause. It's just cowardly.

So really, don't waste your time.

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