Thursday, November 01, 2007

The day after

A quiet Halloween for us. Not much in the way of costumes as Halloween tends to always sneak up on me and I forget to buy something. I know I could try and make something, but my creative abilities pretty much start and end with writing (and maybe a bit of photography). When it comes to costume design, not so much.

Cathy didn’t do much either, stealing my Mickey Mouse wizard hat from last year and accessorizing with a cheap plastic cape and white glove. We also didn’t have to worry about trick or treaters; we live in a secure apartment building, so no one came to our door. There aren’t even any kids in our building. I suppose we could have put a white sheet over Boo and brought him around the apartment building looking for doggie treats. Hell, Cathy nearly bought him a costume anyway. But I think there would have been something a touch odd about that. No need to freak out the neighbours more than necessary.

So we got off real easy. I heard this morning of places getting more than 200 visits. According to Facebook, a friend in Baker Lake appears to have resorted to giving out beef ramen noodles to kids once the candy well ran dry.

So all we did last night was watch Pushing Daisies (“I love you, shovel”) and had a discussion about why Cathy doesn’t like Halloween so much. It makes sense, really. As a teacher, she’s dealing with sugar mad fiends for most of this week. If they aren’t wired at the thought of getting the candy, then they’re wired once they finally get it. Then she has to deal with the sugar crash as they’re coming down off of it. Essentially this week is a write off. I can get that.

But the other thing is that Cathy has allergies. To nuts, for example. So when she was a kid her memories of Halloween were of being cold and going around door to door asking for treats, of which about half she couldn’t eat. So yeah, I get where that’s kind of sucky and might not give you the best memories of the day.

I always like Halloween, but have just fallen out of the habit in recent years. Next year I’ll have to try and get a proper costume. Of course, I’ll also have to try and find a place to store it. No kidding, space in our apartment is at a premium these days.


Ron said...

oddly enough the kids LOVED the Ramen noodles. Go figure!

towniebastard said...

Hey, whatever get you through the night. In this case, ramen noodles.

And kids are weird....

Anonymous said...

some kids actually are picky when they are trick or treating. but parents should tell them that 'you get what they give'. but some kids are really happy with what ever they get as they don't get to do this more than once a year. imagine what it would be like if halloween came more than once a year? they are just happy to get what they get for free. but in Iqaluit we only had like 4 knocks at our door. which is really odd. and just pathetic when you see women carrying babies on their amauti's, they don't know what is going on or even don't have more than 2 teeth, they go trick or treating. just surprises me every year even though i know people will be doing that